Relive the Best Moments of the FIWARE Tech Summit 2017

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Dec 142017

Once again, a huge THANK YOU to everyone who attended the FIWARE Tech Summit! We can truly look back on a fantastic event: 2 days with 95 speakers and 21 exhibitors, as well as 415 attendees, attending various workshops, side events, tech sessions, vertical tracks and business sessions. 

Especially for the occasion, we have created a brand new video for you to relive all the BEST MOMENTS of the Summit. Head on over to Youtube to check it out, and don't forget to give it a thumbs up. 

The event might be over, but luckily we’re left with heaps of photos that perfectly capture its many highlightsAnd you know what they say, "a picture is worth a thousand words". Check out our special Photo Gallery to revisit the MANY memorable moments of the Summit. 

Wish you could have another look at all the wonderful presentations? Fear not. We’ve collected as many presentations as possible to allow you to go over all that was discussed during the event whenever you like. 

We can’t wait for our next FIWARE Global Summit on 8-9 May, so be sure to save the date! Thanks for your continuous support, and see you all in Porto, Portugal. 


Thank You For Coming to the FIWARE Tech Summit and See You in Porto!

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Dec 012017

On behalf of the FIWARE Foundation we'd like to thank EVERYONE who attended and contributed to the FIWARE Tech Summit in Málaga for coming, and for showing their support. With the collaboration of Promálaga and the City Council, and the support of the Regional Government and initiatives already present at local and regional levels, FIWARE returned to where its first Summit took place.

Each Summit has been an opportunity to meet and greet people that are working with us, often from far away; to watch the Community expand and the Platform evolve. With a special focus on our developers, the recent Tech Summit has shown how the knowledge and the questions surrounding FIWARE Open Source components have gotten more and more insightful.

FACEBOOK_1200x630_FIWARE_dataConsidering that roughly a year ago a lot of the attendees received their first introduction to the technology, the recent gathering in Málaga has proved that FIWARE has come a long way. Today, it is being used to create smart apps, to manage data and city services, to start enhancing intelligent industrial and food production, and to connect to the IoT on a daily basis. Now, those novice developers are becoming the new masters, the tech experts that will continue sharing the message and improving the Platform, deploying new functionalities for and from it, positioning FIWARE as the driving force towards the interconnected, open future that it is designed to be.

Today, we can look back on a successful event: 2 days with 95 speakers and 21 exhibitors showcasing. Over the course of the 2-day event, the 415 attendees had the opportunity to attend 10 workshops and tech sessions, as well as 5 vertical tracks and interesting business sessions. We are growing, Summit after Summit, increasing attendance by more than 30%, and looking forward to presenting new collaborations, varied activities and their most interesting contents, whilst educating and entertaining at the same time.

The FIWARE Tech Summit hosted the 1st Spanish Industrial Data Space Meeting on behalf of the Industrial Data Space Association and Industria Conectada 4.0 initiative, as well as a special track dedicated to Smart Cities. Last but certainly not least, winners of the FIWARE Zone Challenge, the IMPACT Accelerator Startup Pitch Challenge, and the GCTC Challenge were announced! 

During the opening press conference, the City Mayor, D. Francisco de la Torre, announced the commitment between the FIWARE Foundation and the City of Málaga, to become the official headquarters of the FIWARE Tech Summit for the next 5 years. He pointed out how this event is proof of a mutual interest and support between the two parties. He also emphasized the importance of the technology and its innovative potential for urban development and the improvement of the quality of life of citizens, to overcome present and future societal and economic challenges. After that, the Mayor and the other public representatives at the press conference joined organizers and participants and visited the event, showing interest in the ‘Powered by FIWARE’ smart solutions present at the exhibition area.

The FIWARE Tech Summit may have come to an end but fear not, we already have our next event lined up for you! We therefore look forward to inviting you ALL to our next Summit in Porto, from 8-9 May, 2018.

Learn How to Code, Hack, and Build Your Way To Success with FIWARE Tech

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Nov 142017

The year might slowly be coming to a close but we’ve got ONE more FANTASTIC event lined up for you. I am, of course, talking about the FIWARE Tech Summit in Málaga from 28-29 November.


Techies, Developers, and Open Source enthusiasts rejoice, because DAY ONE of this event is dedicated solely to YOU, and YOU alone! During the Developers Day you will have the opportunity to learn how FIWARE technology can ease the development of YOUR smart application! We will provide documentation, hands-on experience, and open working styles to give you the possibility to be a standout FIWARE contributor and to hack your way to success.


Take part in a variety of useful and eye-opening tech workshops, such as

  • Business Intelligence and Analytics using Knowage
  • How to build your own IoT agent
  • Publishing Context Information as Right-time Open Data
  • Installing your first Context Broker in just 10 minutes (talkin’ about time efficiency)
  • Build real-time dashboards to monitor context

The afternoon will, in turn, be filled with interesting architecture case studies from the realms of Smart Cities, Smart Industry and Smart Agriculture aimed to inspire you, and to help you discover how FIWARE Tech can guide you towards your next success story.

For more information regarding TICKETS, the AGENDA, SPEAKERS, and great HOTEL discounts, visit the FIWARE Tech Summit website

Change The Way You Deliver Services In Your City With CEDUS

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Nov 082017

Showcasing at the Village at the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona from 14-16 November is City Enabler for Digital Urban Services (CEDUS). Championed by EIT Digital and led by Engineering, this FIWARE-based software product allows urban service providers (public and private) and the local governments to actively collaborate to exploit urban data.


Used for crawling and collecting valuable data at urban scale, supporting decision making processes, and allowing the fast delivery of new digital urban services, the benefits are endless. But that isn’t all. CEDUS is open to other platforms through standard APIs, data duplication is avoided, and it’s compliant with the OASC (Open & Agile Smart Cities) principles. No vendor lock-in, no city lock-in.


The solution is currently being tested in the Province of Trento (IT), Municipality of Málaga (ES) and Municipality of Rennes (FR) and the future's looking bright. In 2018, the creators of CEDUS plan to reach Technology Readiness Level 9 and launch it onto the market.


Stay Up-To-Date with FIWARE Developments During SCEWC 2017

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Nov 062017

FIWARE will be present at this year's Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC) to elaborate on our recent developments within the realm of Smart Cities. Quite a lot of things have happened since our presence at SCEWC'16:

All these developments and FIWARE's vision for Smart Cities will be presented during speeches of FIWARE Foundation CEO, Ulrich Ahle, CTO Juanjo Hierro, and COO Stefano De Panfilis. Juanjo will discuss how FIWARE is leading the creation of open de-facto standards in collaboration with relevant bodies like TM Forum or ETSI, and initiatives like OAS (Open and Agile Smart Cities). In Ulrich's panel debate, he will explain how open platforms will enable urban leaders to make cities affordable and sustainable for everyone again. Lastly, during his session, Stefano will talk about context information modelling as the missing enabler to make a city really smart. Bottom line: lots to discuss, and lots to learn.
But that isn't all. Following several preparation workshops along this year, TM Forum and the FIWARE Foundation will jointly launch the "Front-runner Smart Cities" initiative at the SCEWC, targeted to bring a framework under which Cities, together with Smart City platform and application providers, will collaborate towards definition of open standard Common Information Models for Cities (compatible with FIWARE NGSI and therefore adhering to OASC mechanisms) and will materialize the vision of City as a Platform supporting the Data Economy. Work will leverage on results already developed, and cities involved will benefit from high visibility and recognition as leaders of a new Smart Cities era.  Don't miss the "Front-runner Smart Cities and the API Economy" side-event where details on goals, procedures and steps to join this initiative will be explained!
Last but not least, a number of meetups with Spanish and Latam cities already part of the OASC network or willing to join will take place at our stand.  
For more information regarding our activities, with TM Forum and otherwise, during the SCEWC – Check out our Digital Flyer.


The Final 6 ‘Powered By FIWARE’ Solutions Joining Us at the SCEWC 2017

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Nov 022017

After introducing the first 6 'Powered by FIWARE' Solutions to join FIWARE at the Smart City Expo World Congress from 14-16 November, it is time to introduce the final 6. We can't wait to share the FIWARE Stand B231 with these fantastic solutions. So, without further ado:

1. Situm The "GPS" for indoors. Zero infrastructure. Highest precision. Fastest deployment. 

2. e3tcity Develops wireless machine-to-machine (M2M) devices designed to work with IoT.

3. Ateknea (Bettair) Air City Monitoring Platform (A2CM) – valuable and accurate air measurements from low-cost gas sensors.

4. TeamDev (WiseTown) An innovative solution for Smart Cities to gather, aggregate, and interpret information from different, heterogeneous streams.

5. FiCodes (Opplafy) Opplafy fosters the creation of an Economy of Data with a set of components for Data Monetization and Visualization.

6. OptionsNet (SaMMY) Smart app in the world of yachting marinas, aspiring to be the ultimate travel companion for yachters, skippers and marina administrators.

Continue to watch this space for more information regarding our attendance at the event, speaker sessions, and the ‘Powered By FIWARE’ Solutions that will be joining us at the SCEWC.

The First 6 ‘Powered By FIWARE’ Solutions Joining FIWARE at the SCEWC

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Nov 012017

At the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona, Spain from 14-16 November we’ll be joined by 12 fantastic ‘Powered By FIWARE’ Solutions solving city challenges. Allow us to introduce you to the first 6 who will be showcasing their solutions at the FIWARE Stand B231!


1. Telefónica / Geographica (Urbo) – Urbo is a Smart City frontend environment that enables the creation of location-intelligence enriched urban services dashboards for FIWARE based city platforms.

2. Wellness Telecom – From their Smart Cities & Wellness solutions IoT concept, Wellness Telecom has been conducting work in the fields of energy efficiency, the environment and mobility with more than 5,000 devices operating in 120 spanish cities.

3. YerbaBuena VR – Next generation real-time 360 live streaming distribution platform for Virtual Reality.

4. Ubiwhere  Embraces interoperability, Open Data and smart cloud-based services as fundamental components of what it does to create smart solutions for smart cities.

5. Accelogress (Save-a-Space)  Smart solution for parking operators.

6. HOP Ubiquitous – Creates innovative cities with the goal of improving the quality of life thanks to the customized design and deployment of Smart POIs, through the activation of citizen co-creation processes, tourism experience management, city monitoring and intelligent systems integration.

Continue to watch this space for more information regarding our attendance at the event, speaker sessions, and the ‘Powered By FIWARE’ Solutions that will be joining us at the SCEWC.


Join FIWARE at the SCEWC 2017

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Oct 302017

We’re VERY excited to be attending and speaking at this year's Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona, Spain from 14-16 November.


FIWARE is leading the definition of implementation-driven standards in Smart Cities, and it is our aim to accompany cities in their transformation journey. From breaking information silos to creating a holistic representation of what is happening in a city; we want to help YOUR city unleash the potential of Right-time Open Data. The goal? To transform cities into platforms that enable the Data Economy.


Not sure where to begin? Fear not. FIWARE brings the standards that make ALL of this happen. Our Open API standards and information models can help cities build ecosystems where they can connect and collaborate.

Be sure to come and check us out at the SCEWC to learn more about FIWARE activities. Watch this space for more information regarding our attendance at the event, speaker sessions, and the ‘Powered By FIWARE’ Solutions that will be accompanying us at the SCEWC.