Technical Steering Committee

Meet the individuals in charge of all the technical decisions.

The FIWARE TSC governs the technical direction of the FIWARE platform and activities of the FIWARE Open Source Community.

Technical Steering Committee

The work of the TSC includes making well-informed suggestions regarding additions, combinations, splits, or deletions of the FIWARE technologies, as well as defining specific procedures to manage their evolution. The core principle of the work of the committee is to maintain the open nature of the undertaken activities. The TSC, therefore, strives to have inclusive policies around FIWARE, contributing to its growth and wider adoption.

The committee is composed of one representative from each FIWARE Platinum Member, two representatives per FIWARE chapter – elected by the active contributes from each chapter – and up to one-third composed of additional members who are elected by the whole set of active FIWARE contributors. On this page, we would like to introduce you to the valued members of the TSC as well as offer you access to the minutes from previous meetings.

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FIWARE TSC members meet regularly. Members of the FIWARE Foundation are welcomed to attend Technical Steering Committee meetings and follow-up first-hand the progress on the various technical activities.

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