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Empower the Clean Energy Market supporting a distributed infrastructure built on open standards.

For a Carbon-free society where WE can make the difference

Global warming (particularly in the form of extreme and almost unforeseeable weather events) is exacting a huge toll on citizens, communities and the economy, while a diffuse perception of alarm is becoming part of a societal movement towards a more responsible relationship with the environment.

The role of responsible citizens passes through a higher level of engagement in a more resilient, efficient and participative model of energy production and consumption, focused on building self sustainable “local-energy-community” ecosystems nudging them towards the use and development of environmentally friendly systems.

The model for managing energy must therefore be decentralized and democratized, the individual prosumer must be able to participate on equal basis as the traditional big players in the system to provide power to society: Power to People, Power by People.

This is where FIWARE has been already making a significant difference, e.g. by introducing standardized, reusable and quickly deployable models to design the necessary smart energy architectures and deploy solutions and applications flexible enough to enable these new production and consumption participative market models.

Digital Energy Transformation Journey

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“Accelerating the transition to clean energy and lowering demand in a way that is inclusive is the biggest challenge mayors in the EU have at this moment.”

Caterina Sarfatti

Director of Inclusive Climate Action



What makes the FIWARE’s approach unique is its basis in Open Standards and its curated framework of Open Source software platform components which can be assembled and, together with third-party components, used to build entire platforms that support a faster, easier and cheaper development of Smart Solutions. With FIWARE, Public Administrations, Utilities, Companies and Research Institutions have the chance to implement Smart Energy platform strategies that avoid vendor lock-ins and facilitate collaborations towards the development of a sustainable market.

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Open de-facto Standards for cross-domain and cross-border interoperability as well as replicability of solutions.

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Open Source, a powerful weapon for driving the definition of standards following a “driven-by-implementation” and agile approach.

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System of Systems Approach for data-driven integration (common interfaces and data models) of multiple, independent and autonomous systems.

Smart usage of data

The Smart Data Models Program is a global and collaborative program driving the adoption of standardized data models compatible with NGSI-LD specifications. They are a crucial asset for developers aiming to guarantee data sharing and interoperability between different smart solutions.

The Smart Data Models Program provides agile standardization at market speed and it is driven by implementation, open and global.

Already have a use case? You can now contribute your data model

Mission Support Committee

Antonello Monti

Antonello Monti

Co-Chair Smart Energy MSC
RWTH Aachen University

Golz Pierre

Massimo Bertoncini

Co-chair Smart Energy MSC

Golz Pierre

Gianluca Dianese

Co-chair Smart Energy MSC

Haydar Mecit

Haydar Mecit

Active Member Smart Energy MSC
Bochum University

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