FIWARE members are a powerful multiplier for the creation and use of open technology, innovation and collaborative business models.

Accessible to all organizations from start-ups to global players, associations, academia, cities, and individuals.
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Thriving with Open Source

Our members are a powerful force for open innovation and implementation. You can have an active role and voice in the evolution of the FIWARE framework and adoption of FIWARE powered solutions.

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Exposure for your

Hook up with the powerful FIWARE Marketing team providing you with additional visibility, opportunities to grow your business and community, and awareness with the local and global ecosystem.

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Collaborate with our
Partner Ecosystem

FIWARE has relationships with hundreds of software, cloud (inc. Gaia-X), data services and hardware partners to collaborate, co-create, deploy and roll out FIWARE technology in your environment.

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Get noticed on
FIWARE Marketplace

Maximize your business potential by certifying your solutions and services on FIWARE Marketplace, the global one-stop shop that gives visibility to a wide range of FIWARE driven offerings.

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Be at FIWARE sponsored
fairs and events

Members receive discounts and special information about co-exhibition opportunities for 20+ events per year. Including booth sponsorship, speaking engage, or co-marketing plans.

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your impact

Get direct access to FF executives & staff to help with engagements, potential seats in guiding committees, FF Scientific Advisory Board, or the Board of Directors, with specific voting rights.

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“FIWARE Foundation has been demonstrating the force of a strong and growing community and ecosystem worldwide. Any contributor, from developers to business drivers, from use case providers to press partners, is core to the success of FIWARE-related open source projects. They enrich and enable FIWARE as a global organization, together with its digital Innovation Hubs (iHubs), diverse Mission Support Committees and FISAB*, to do the best work in many driving industries.”

Dario Avallone

Chairman of the FIWARE Foundation Board of Directors

Platinum Member Engineering

* FIWARE Scientific Advisory Board

From the Community to the Market

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From the biggest players within the global market to cutting-edge SMEs to renowned trade associations, our members are an inspiring source of open innovation and collaboration.

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Wholeheartedly passionate about open source tech, and open common standards, our individual members doubletap our efforts to superpower open technology innovation.

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