FIWARE in North America

FIWARE Foundation contributes to technology development by increasing economic resources in North America, with a major focus on the US.

FIWARE in North America

FIWARE Foundation contributes to technology development by increasing economic resources in North America.

A powerful Open-Source platform to bridge the Atlantic.

The establishment of FIWARE North America marks a significant achievement for the FIWARE Foundation, as it bridges the Atlantic and provides a powerful Open-Source platform for many sectors and regions in North America.

FIWARE facilitates secure data exchange and collaboration between organizations, enabling data to flow seamlessly and breaking down information silos. It provides software building blocks and reference architectures that interconnect organizations and pave the way for seamless data exchange, unleashing new possibilities for innovation and growth.

The platform supports the integration of different technologies and data sources, providing governments and companies with opportunities to reduce costs, shorten their time-to-market, and improve service delivery, while also fostering innovation and growth. At the same time, citizens can benefit from accessing more efficient and effective services, making FIWARE a platform for the common good. As Cities go digital, a reliable data and intelligence ecosystem is key to growing local economies, fostering innovation through partnerships, and connecting global innovation hubs for smart product and service development in the emerging digital economy.

How FIWARE can help in shaping your solution.

What FIWARE can do in North America and the United States specifically.

For PAs, RTOs, NGOs, other associations and private companies

FIWARE’s decentralized design allows for global innovation as market needs emerge. Furthermore, iHubs are physical or locations specifically designed to give local communities the ability to retrofit FIWARE into their culture and develop relevant programs that are specific to their needs and goals.

For Public and Private Providers, Buyers, and Sellers

FIWARE Marketplace is a hub for smart solutions, data models, and investments. By using the FIWARE framework and best practices, participants accelerate market delivery and share risks and rewards. This prioritizes standardization, interoperability, and speed-to-delivery to drive future innovations in the global smart ecosystem.

For Academic, Professors, and Researchers

FIWARE offers a unique program that lets professors integrate technology insights into lectures, creating the opportunity for IoT and sustainability curriculums. This program uses data sources from sponsors, universities, and iHub communities and specializes in collaborating to develop local talent for economic growth.

For Investors, Private Companies, and Start-ups

FIWARE connects regional Accelerator programs to explore collaborations for joint venture accelerations, shared IP, innovation partnerships, and data monetization. It also offers resources to support measurable outcomes that don’t require specialized talent, along with access to data partnerships in its trusted marketplace.


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“FIWARE brings with it a range of backgrounds and subject matter expertise. The FIWARE model, in my opinion, is a really good way to go. It is simply open, you choose the partners you want to work with, you build the solutions you want, whether they are closed or open, whatever you want. This is really the ecosystem that I believe will be the glue for smart cities.”

Tony Fortenberry

Executive Director

Open Solutions For Government

“While some may view FIWARE as a necessary standard for IoT interoperability and normalized data sharing, all of which are true and necessary, I view FIWARE as an ecosystem blueprint and marketplace for global exchanges of physical and digital goods and services (…) It is incredible to imagine developing a service or solution in North America that can be readily consumed in other parts of the world.”



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