Smart Industry

Innovate products and processes, and increase the value with reusable components for Data Spaces and Digital Twins.

Towards an Industry-Digital Society

Current digital technologies have a strong impact in the area of data usage, computing power and connectivity, including Big Data, Internet of Things, machine-to-machine and cloud computing – for information centralization and storage. In today’s data economy, corporate knowledge is the basis for competitive success: it must be shared and made available to teams to accelerate strategic and operational activities. The convergence of Information Technology (hardware and software tools for information management) and Operational Technology (control and automation solutions to support operations) represent the basis of the modern Industry 4.0 concept.

The FIWARE smart solution architecture for Smart Industry brings support to decisions and the automation of business processes. FIWARE is important for the creation of data spaces for effective data sharing/exchange, also between organisations traditionally bound to different domains (e.g., smart manufacturing, smart logistics, smart ports, smart cities, smart home) towards the creation of innovative value chains. Smart solutions gravitate around management of Context Information: FIWARE describes context as a collection of entities that work as Digital Twins of real world assets, both physical (e.g., a turbine, an operator) or conceptual (e.g., a claim, an order). FIWARE NGSI provides a standard open API for managing information about Digital Twins.

Digital Industry Transformation Journey

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Adopting a data-driven approach through the decoupling of industrial processes while warranting sovereignty on your data.


What makes the FIWARE’s approach unique is its basis in Open Standards and its curated framework of Open Source software platform components which can be assembled and, together with third-party components, used to build entire platforms which support a faster, easier and less-costly development of Smart Solutions. With FIWARE, Public Administrations, Utilities, Companies and Research Institutions have the option to implement Smart Industry platform strategies that avoid vendor lock-ins and facilitate collaborations towards the development of a sustainable market.

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Open de-facto Standards for cross-domain and cross-border interoperability as well as replicability of solutions.

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Open Source, a powerful weapon for driving the definition of standards following a “driven-by-implementation” and agile approach.

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System of Systems Approach for data-driven integration (common interfaces and data models) of multiple, independent and autonomous systems.

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Smart usage of data

The Smart Data Models Program is a global and collaborative program driving the adoption of standardized data models compatible with NGSI-LD specifications. They are a crucial asset for developers aiming to guarantee data sharing and interoperability between different smart solutions.

The Smart Data Models Program provides agile standardization at market speed and it is driven by implementation, open and global.

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Mission Support Committee

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Co-Chair Smart Industry MSC

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Co-chair Smart Industry MSC

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