Apply Now To IMPACT Connected Car For Up To €60k Equity Free

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Oct 252017

Earlier this month, IMPACT Connected Car, a fantastic new acceleration program led by FundingBox and ISDI, and partnered by FIWARE, launched its first open call. And let me tell you, there’s an exciting amount of funding to be distributed. 2.1 million to be exact, and it’s equity free!


Over the next five years, the connected car is expected to disrupt the entire automotive ecosystem, as well as the customer market. IMPACT Connected Car aims to help SMEs and startups (that’s YOU!) to take advantage of this business opportunity.


But that’s not all. If selected, you’ll get the chance to learn from experts in business, technology, corporations, and funding. Lastly, startups will also have access to up to €60,000 per startup, equity free, in grants and up to €50,000 per startup equity free! Need we say more?


The current open call will be receiving applications from connected car startups and SMEs until January 10th, 2018 so be sure to APPLY as soon as possible!



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Dec 182015

Cities are almost as old as society itself, their birth being surrounded by mysteries and legends such as the one of Romulus and Remus and the foundation of Rome. Since then, since the times of Roman urbanism, our urban environments have changed a lot. Not only in terms of distribution or legislation, but, especially, in terms of city management. And now, the new trend in city management is the creation of smart environments. We have already spoken about the smartness of devices, but now we can speak about cities that can manage their own information for the benefit of citizens.

And, for FIWARE, these urban environments, which are generally called Smart Cities, have been essential, as some of our enablers are meant to deal with the traffic of information that only places such as cities can generate. Apart from that, the Open & Agile Smart Cities Initiative is now modeling a standardized procedure to cope with data, so that the solutions created for one city can be adapted for others.

Some of the most interesting projects that have been founded and funded thanks to the FIWARE Accelerator Programme are actually destined to develop solutions in this field. That is why it is now the time to give them the floor and listen to the voices of those really working to improve the places we live in. Because their voices are our own.

Because this is our story… Which is yours?

Connecterra wins the Alpha Pitch at Web Summit

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Nov 102015

“Yesterday was a big day for us”, reads on the 18th of September the blog of Connecterra, one of the startups that have been selected for the FIWARE Accelerator Programme by Smart AgriFood. “At our first ever startup pitch event”, it continues, “Connecterra walked away with top honors with the maximum reward on offer […] Organized by Smart AgriFood, an EU sponsored AgTech accelerator, we beat 48 AgTech startups across Europe to be placed in the top 3 that share top rewards. This is a significant endorsement of our technology, approach and team for which we are proud and grateful to the organizers.”

Less than a month later, the team of Connecterra would win the Alpha Pitch at Web Summit. In its blog, the team of Web Summit shows a brief interview that they made to the winners, proving how humble they are when speaking about their work. “They like to say that they’re the ‘Fitbit for cows’.”, says this blog, “This Amsterdam-based startup’s product can analyse real-time movement data of cattle to help improve farm productivy.” According to this interview, one of the main disadvantages that the team considered that they had, in comparison with other startups, is the fact that their product is not consumer-facing and that not anyone without knowledge about the dairy industry could understand properly what it is.

Connecterra has developed a sensor that measures the activity of a cow in 3D space and by leveraging its deep learning algorithms can detect various behaviors such as walking, eating, ruminating etc. This information is then modeled to provide farmers with health insights which help them reduce labor input and improve animal health resulting in higher productivity from each cow. In addition to providing farmers with insights, their platform also enables veterinarians to observe herd data and provide suggestions to farmers on improving farm practices. This helps democratize farmer knowledge to those that need it most and especially in developing countries.

Connecterra believes the dairy service will help farmers increase productivity per animal by up to 20 % or more. This is the first such service available to dairy farmers which focuses on generating meaning from data and providing farmers with specific, actionable insights versus ‘more data’.

“I think that Connecterra”, said the founder of the startup for the blog of Web Summit, “will have big impact on real-world problems that can be solved with technology but came with an open mind to the pitch.” According to him, thanks to PITCH, they are raising a first round of $2.1 million now. This will help them talk to investors; it gets them global attention.

We hope to keep hearing great news from them, as it’s their stories which build our own.

FIWARE will meet you in ECFI again!

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Nov 032015

Today, within the ICT domain, developers, accelerators stakeholders, start-ups and investors share the goal to achieve global leadership in ICT by the year 2020. This means that it is important to bring everyone together in order to discuss these paramount topics and questions within the Future Internet so that we can advance closer to where we want to be.

This is where ECFI comes in; the European Conference on the Future Internet centers itself on addressing these questions whilst organising the collaboration of various smart minds to discuss the progress and the inauguration of future innovative internet technologies. ECFI also aims to promote the FIWARE community, who share this same dream. As the platform which not only offers the necessary funding (thanks to the FIWARE accelerator programme) but eases the creation of these smart applications and services, FIWARE offers an original ecosystem that makes the open data available.

All of these topics will be addressed during a busy agenda taking place in Hamburg, from lectures & workshops to time dedicated to exchanging information and networking with those that share your very same opinions and interests. Be sure not to miss out on hearing some of the world´s most influential speakers discuss the future internet and get the opportunity to learn more about the FIWARE Regions initiative, promoted by FIWARE Mundus (6th Nov) which focuses on decision-making, sustaining innovative ecosystems and ultimately, developing smart cities.

By participating in ECFI 2015 this week, you will have the opportunity to connect and discuss with representatives in the ICT domain the key questions surrounding the future internet, so everyone gains something from the constructive networking sessions. No-one within this ecosystem can advance and succeed alone so we need you all there to move forward in this imperative step towards leadership in ICT. The ECFI conference will be rounded off by a closing ceremony taking place at 20h on 6th November.

This is an event not to be missed if you, like us, are interested and committed to the advancement of the future internet and the creation of smart applications and services by increasing and extending our knowledge to achieve what we know we can do.                                                                                                                                                      

For more details on the agenda scheduled for the ECFI event, practical information on locations and hotels as well as contact information, visit the ECFI homepage.

#myFIWAREstory: the stories of CreatiFI

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Oct 212015
1-1-Meeting-900x900 (1)

Never will the story of FIWARE be properly understood, if not as a story of stories which tells the accounts of hundreds of people’s reality. And from now on, the floor must be, as it has always been, theirs. Our startups, our accelerators, our contributors, our technical architects, our representatives, and all of the people that are somehow involved in the FIWARE ecosystem are the ones that must now raise their voices. Let’s listen to their personal stories to build our own voice. ‘Cause that is going to be our story. Now, which is yours?

The stories of CreatiFI

Some weeks ago, one of the sixteen FIWARE accelerators gathered some of the projects that it had already selected for a pitching session where some of the startups to access the second round of acceleration would be selected. This 4-day event with CreatiFI gathered these top teams’ projects to exhibit more than just an online platform but a collaboration of inspiration, incentive and encouragement from a range of teams. It was a phenomenal opportunity “to be together, to share experiences with each other, to have the teams talking to each other and see how they can help each other”, as Ingrid Willems, from the CreatiFI accelerator, explains in the videos that have just been shared as part of our efforts to share with you all the talent that we have found in our path. The goal of events such as CreatiFI’s is to give the innovators an opportunity to “go home with something extra”, she continues, “so that they have the feeling, yes, I have something that will help my business move forward.”

2-5-PortraitBW-1280x720 (1)

More stories to come

CreatiFI is not the only FIWARE accelerator that has shared with us the talent that they are finding (and funding). Others, such as Smart AgriFood, have also found great projects and are working hand in hand with them. Do you want to discover them all? Why don’t you visit our brand new microsite and find them all? And don’t forget to share them through your social networks, ‘cause the wider the audience our stories reach, the higher their echoes will sound!




RenalHelp: Technology to help people with chronic kidney disease

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Mar 112015
FIWARE RenalHelp

The following post has been written by the team of RenalHelp. We would like to thank them for their collaboration and willingness to participate.

People with chronic kidney disease have to meet very complicated diets, and take a lot of medication. Tracking all this is a really difficult task for patients. It is precisely to help these people that a group of young entrepreneurs created RenalHelp, one of the European e-Health startup winners of the Future Internet Challenge (FICHe) accelerator Open Call, co-funded by the EU.  

RenalHelp is a website and a mobile app to help families and people with chronic kidney disease to increase their quality of FIWARE Tais Pérez RenalHelplife and meet their basic needs without resenting their overall health. It connects patients with their healthcare providers.

The difficulty to strictly follow the treatment results in a lower life expectancy of the patient. Few people meet medical and dietary prescriptions in the right way, and access to reliable information is not easy.

Patients with chronic kidney disease suffer a radical change in their lifestyle since the diagnoses do to three main pillars: nutrition, medication and exercise. But that's not all, social support is also a key pillar for adherence to treatment so RenalHelp provides a space where patients can feel accompanied. This is a natural protection against mental illness like depression and anxiety, very common in these patients.

“Technology is only a tool, but we use tools to improve our quality of life”. Tais Pérez. 

What is RenalHelp?

Renalhelp is structured in 4 sections to make it quick and easy to use, three of which are part of the 3 pillars of self-care:

  • Nutrition: Personalized diets due to the patients special conditions.
  • Sports: general and personalized exercise routines.
  • Medication: Medication search engine.

FIWARE Fernando Pérez Peña RenalhelpIt also includes a fourth, composed of a forum where users ask and the most suitable sanitary professional and/or patient with experiences answers.

RenalHelp is currently developing a video platform for online queries in real time with the healthcare provider of the patient´s choice.

The diagnosis of a chronic disease has a great impact on the person who receives it and has highlighted the need to use information channels and communication technologies that are effective and efficient for proper follow-up treatments.

These new technological solutions, among which RenalHelp is included, offer many benefits: they reduce emergency department use, lower hospital stays, reduce and delay hospital admissions, improve the quality of life of patients and increase patient satisfaction.


Who is behind RenalHelp?

RenalHelp´s team is formed by a group of engineers, a marketing specialist and sanitary professionals. They have managed to link health and technology to improve the quality of life for people with chronic kidney disease.

You can meet them in this video:


RenalHelp presents: The Team. from RenalHelp on Vimeo.

Innovation workshop at the European Utility Week

European Utility Week

You have an idea for a smart energy application waiting to be materialised?
You are an innovative enterprise developing a new smart energy solution?

Join our FINESCE, SOUL-FI, INCENSe and SpeedUp! Europe innovation workshop and learn how to get business support, technical knowledge and up to 150.000 Euro funding from the European Commission.


Meet the European Commission and our experts and get your free ticket here!

Be ready to pitch your idea in 99 seconds.

FIWARE Accelerators: open calls are closing!

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Oct 262014
FIWARE Accelerator Programme

At this point, we are sure that you all know what the Accelerator Programme is about; but, just in case you have not heard of this before, let us recall that it is an effort, co-funded by the European Commission, to encourage digital innovation all throughout Europe. For that purpose, 16 international entities (accelerators) have been chosen to select SMEs and entrepreneurs. These will receive not only funding, but also coaching, mentoring and support by technical and business experts. But apart from that, FIWARE technologies will facilitate the creation of their digital businesses, by offering a set of building blocks that can be combined and, thus, build a new app.

Of course, each and every one of the accelerators has its own requirements to apply and present your proposal. You can find more information in our webpage or you can contact us through any of our social media or means of contact. FIWARE Accelerators are already receiving projects and working on their selection, but some of them will close their open calls soon. Do you want to know all the details of their open calls and dates? Then, keep reading!

The closing dates of the accelerators are as follows:

  • FI-ADOPT (Until 30 Oct 2014)
  • FICHe (Until 31 Oct 2014)
  • EuropeanPioneers (Until 31 Oct 2014)
  • SOUL-FI (Until 31 Oct 2014)
  • IMPACT (Until 7 Nov 2014)
  • SmartAgriFood (Until 15 Nov 2014)
  • CreatiFI (Until 30 Nov 2014)
  • FI-C3 (Until Nov 2014)
  • FInish (Until Nov 2014)
  • FABulous (Until Nov 2014)
  • SpeedUP! (Until 10 Dec 2014)
  • CEED Tech (Until 15 Dec 2014)
  • Finodex (Until 19 Dec 2014)
  • frontierCities (Until 15 Jan 2014)
  • INCENSe (Until 15 Jan 2014)
  • FRACTALS (Until 28 Feb 2014)

And, what can an accerator do for you? Let's take as an example one of them, European Pioneers, which is closing its open call this week! Developers, do not miss this opportunity, because it can be your next step into the future of your business!