Paving the way for a digital future: FIWARE’s great success of the year 2023!

Dec 28, 2023Ecosystem

​Dozens of events around the world, hundreds of speaker sessions and business matchmaking, new projects, European and beyond –  2023 was an extremely successful and fruitful year, and we want to use this moment to look back and recap FIWARE’s remarkable achievements, groundbreaking collaborations, and transformative impact for the FIWARE community. Exceeding membership milestones to new strategic partnerships, global outreach, and the unveiling of cutting-edge solutions, every moment has been a testament to the power of open innovation. Did you miss the opportunity to get to know more about FIWARE and its latest exciting news? Stay with us, for our highlights of the year and join FIWARE in paving the way for a digital future in 2024! 

Proudly announcing FIWARE’s new CEO coming on board from January 1, 2024
FIWARE announced that Andrea Battaglia will become the foundation’s next CEO and a member of the Board of Officers. Andrea will join FIWARE as the incoming CEO on January 1, 2024. He will take over a well-positioned FIWARE foundation and elevate it to the next level of success. As long standing and experienced members of the Board of Officers, Cristina Brandtstetter (CMO) and Stefano De Panfilis (COO) will ensure ongoing continuity in the leadership team. Read more about the appointed new CEO in the latest press release.
Watch the official video introduction from Andrea Battaglia on the FIWARE Youtube channel. 

Remarkable Community Growth
The FIWARE community reached a significant milestone, surpassing 630 members  spanning 64 countries. This year we witnessed pivotal alliances with esteemed entities such as RedCLARA, Topio Networks, IDEASFORUM, ruhrvalley Cluster e.V., Smart Cities Association in Germany, and OSPO. These collaborations underline our commitment to open innovation and smart city solutions, setting the stage for an even more impactful 2024.

Global Presence
FIWARE extended its reach far beyond European borders, engaging in activities across all continents. From LEAP and Smart Madinah Forum in Saudi Arabia to the Smart Cities India Expo, Gitex Africa in Marrakech, and the World Smart City Expo in Korea, we’ve left our mark on the global stage. Furthermore, FIWARE made a successful first appearance at IAA MOBILITY 2023, and became an exhibitor and event partner at Smart Cities Connect in the USA

iHubs Network Expansion with 8 new location
Our iHubs network reached an impressive number of 39 FIWARE iHubs across the globe, fostering innovation and collaboration in very diverse regions. We were able to announce 8 new iHubs this year, located in Spain (x2), Colombia, Canada, Finland, USA (x2) and Italy. The FIWARE team has more exciting developments simmering on the stove, promising a fruitful 2024. Stay tuned for an even more dynamic and innovative year ahead!

Launching FIWARE’s Data Space Connector
This year we have introduced the FIWARE Data Space Connector, addressing the needs of organizations seeking a data space connector aligning with DSBA technical convergence and the latest EU DigitalID recommendations. This powerhouse seamlessly manages access to NGSI-LD, NGSIv2, or any other RESTful API for data transfer. Stay tuned for upcoming improvements, including support for IDS dataspace protocols and integration with TM Forum APIs. Explore more on GitHub: FIWARE Data Space Connector and catch our presentation here.

FIWARE Global Summit 2023 in Vienna
The FIWARE Global Summit in Vienna was a resounding success, featuring over 420 in-person attendees, 160+ speakers, and the participation of 20+ universities. Our annual flagship event marked a pivotal moment, amplifying our commitment to globally driven innovation and a very strong community approach. Revisit FGS23 by reading our great takeaways
For the FIWARE global ecosystem we have been working on something really extraordinary for the next year! Do not miss an opportunity to celebrate the 10th edition of FIWARE Global Summit! Follow the FIWARE newsletter and be the first to get news about the next edition! 

Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC) in Barcelona
FIWARE stepped into the spotlight with a dynamic 300m2 space, featuring over 60 presentations on the FIWARE stage, 10+ official delegations visiting, and welcoming four new FIWARE Evangelists and one new member – the city of Hamamatsu (Japan) – to the FIWARE community. Refresh your memory of this amazing experience, checking out our blog post and brand new video

New Heights for the Evangelist Program
Our FIWARE Evangelists Program reached dazzling new heights! With a freshly updated program, a stellar comms kit on the horizon, and many interactive opportunities for our vibrant community. Our evangelists took center stage at major events like the FIWARE Global Summit and Smart City Expo World Congress 2023. Our brand new Evangelist Happy Hour was a hit, and the sequel is already in the making – save some time for it in the first half of February 2024! 

Success of FIWARE Marketplace
In 2023, the FIWARE Marketplace emerged as the ultimate platform to present innovations to a global audience of smart city stakeholders and decision-makers. With over 250 products added, the Marketplace has become the go-to destination for cutting-edge solutions. The excitement reached new levels with the launch of our brand new FIWARE Marketplace Brochure

FIWARE in 30+ R&D projects throughout the year
In our commitment to advancing technology and fostering innovation, the FIWARE foundation has played a pivotal role in over 30 research and development projects this year. Our commitment to the creation, support, and implementation of cutting-edge technologies has shaped the landscape of innovation. From projects such as Battery Pass, which tracks the provenance of battery materials, to the ongoing development of the Data Spaces Support Centre (DSSC) creating interoperable data-sharing environments in alignment with EU values, FIWARE continues to be at the forefront of transformative technological initiatives.
FIWARE is paving the way for a digital future, bringing new European and German funded R&D projects on interoperability, AI, Data Spaces, Cloud platforms for Smart Cities, Smart Mobility to the market in 2023. Among them: Be Open – an Open framework for boosting EU High ValueDatasets from Public Sector Environments; – a European Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Testing and Experimentation Facility for Smart and Sustainable Cities and Communities; DOME – a Distributed Open Marketplace for Europe Cloud and Edge Services; Didymos-XR – Digital Dynamic and responsible twins for XR; InCode – a Programming Platform for Intelligent Collaborative Deployments over Heterogeneous Edge-IoT Environments; NemoBil – an application center for combining transportation with the energy transition.

The Launch of the Battery Pass Guidance
The Battery Pass Consortium, where FIWARE plays a significant role, published the first publicly available Content Guidance on the EU Battery Passport! This essential element of the Battery Pass project was officially handed over to Michael Kellner, Parliamentary State Secretary, BMWK at HANNOVER MESSE this year. The Battery Pass project, with co-funding from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK), aims to enable increased sustainability and circularity in the battery industry. Read more in the official Press Release. The Battery Passport Content Guidance is available here.

Smart World by FIWARE Global Tour
Our eye-catcher Smart World, built with Lego(R) bricks, took the spotlight at major events worldwide and attracted hundreds of people who are keen on Open Source and Digital Twin technologies for Smart Cities, Smart Energy, Smart Industry, Smart Agrifood and Swart Water. Our global tour included the E-world Energy & Water 23 in Essen, the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona, Digital Days Herne and many more. In a year of expansion and innovation, the Smart World experience was further extended by adding the Battery Pass Module to the model. 
The FIWARE team provided a unique opportunity to experience a hands-on, interactive, educational guided tour on how digital solutions and technologies based on FIWARE Open Source technology work for smart parking & smart mobility, water & energy management, e-governments, smart tourism, smart industry, smart building and smart lighting in the real world. 

A New Edition of the Smart Cities Book
We published the FIWARE4Cities book Ed. 5, an updated version, referencing over 350 cities. This new edition features 145 cities and 155+ city solutions deeply integrated within our domains, some even showcased on the FIWARE Marketplace. Notable highlights include the addition of 20 new cities, the inclusion of new countries such as Denmark, the introduction of smart territories like airports and ports, and the establishment of the first living lab DOLL in Denmark, powered by FIWARE. 

The Brand New White Paper on Data Spaces
We launched the first of its kind White Paper on Data Spaces together with Smart Cities World. FIWARE collaborated with Smart Cities World to publish a white paper titled “City Data Spaces – A guide to building and operationalising data services,” offering guidance and best practices from AWS, DKSR; Latitudo 40; Red Hat; Mobility Data Space; Engineering; Deloitte; Urban Software Institute for developing and implementing data services in urban environments.

German Speaking Network on the Rise
In 2023, our German-speaking FIWARE community skyrocketed to an impressive 440+ members, indicating a remarkable growth in our impactful network. The year unfolded with three unforgettable gatherings, igniting creativity and collaboration in Berlin, Vienna, and during Smart City Days in Herne. These meetings did not only foster knowledge exchange but also fueled the spirit of innovation, creating a vibrant ecosystem for German-speaking FIWARE enthusiasts. 

Launch of the FIWARE Brand Guidelines
In a pivotal moment for FIWARE’s visual identity, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our comprehensive Brand Guidelines. These guidelines are crafted to assist you in leveraging our brand assets effectively and provide valuable tips for the consistent use of the FIWARE logo. This guide reflects our commitment to design excellence and will be continually updated as we refine the tenets of the FIWARE design identity.

Stay updated on FIWARE News following our newsletter and social media and join FIWARE in the next Smart Cities global events.

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