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Combine NGSI compatible software and devices to build your Smart Solution driven by context.

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Smart Solutions using the NGSI open standard for communicating state between microservices for context driven products.
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Devices and systems pluggable in powered by FIWARE architectures via NGSI standard interfaces they offer.
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Cities offering to other cities and territories FIWARE-based mature and off-the-shelf Smart City platforms ready to reuse.
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Organizations with certified FIWARE Experts offering training, coaching, consultancy, integration or support.
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Why apply to FIWARE Marketplace

5 reasons to be part of this real business tool to monetize your FIWARE products.

Rapidly grow and scale your business

Shopping window for highest visibility: featuring functions, shareable solutions, easy search & sorting, and much more.

Uniqueness in the Market

A shopfront and self-serve for ready-to-use offers, supported by winning campaigns for launching and expanding your business.

Best digital Customer Experience

Your brand and info in the forefront with full product visibility and services inventory.

User friendliness

Focus on user friendliness: e.g. search & sorting options, fully new and appealing customer journey.

Advanced Features

Quick & easy “Get started” with clear guidelines and faster validation.

Before submitting your application form, please read the documentation carefully.

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FIWARE Marketplace is there to help users and their customers find innovative and the best open-source-based products and services and grow revenue by identifying customer needs and repeatable solutions leveraging FIWARE technologies and FIWARE partner ecosystem, at scale. Offers are provided by the FIWARE community, may it be companies, organizations or cities, and are FIWARE validated.

FIWARE Marketplace is the comprehensive shopfront of all validated FIWARE products. Products are regularly promoted and featured through different classical and digital marketing channels such as Social Media, Newsletters, conferences, brochures, and also brought to trade shows and presented to the media, press or to analysts.

The FIWARE Marketplace is ideal for organisations who are looking to build and launch products, solutions and services to support their customers’ digital transformation journeys.

Product proposals are evaluated by FIWARE Experts (though a mainly technical evaluation) receiving a formally submitted application. Once our FIWARE Experts have positively evaluated the proposal, the product will be added to the FIWARE Marketplace according to its category.The final step is the maximum global promotion of the product for all forever.

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