FIWARE at TM Forum Live! 2016: 3 Smart Solutions, 3 Success Stories

May 10, 2016Agrifood

TM Forum Live! is indeed one of the most awaited annual events as it offers the opportunity to connect and network with others from across digital ecosystems in a productive and knowledge churning environment. The event not only offers the opportunity to learn how to implement and profit from innovations, accelerate R&D and join collaborative projects but the chance to discover the latest technologies, which is the overall core of the growing digital ecosystem.

The primary goals of this pitch are to spread awareness about data interoperability e.g. harmonized data models with a common language, to convey the proposal from FIWARE around the Internet of Things and demonstrate that ´Smart´ is not a term only compatible with cities, but to showcase that it has a lot potential also in other sectors.

The first day of the event included a speech from Juanjo Hierro, Coordinator & Chief Architect of FIWARE, about how FIWARE & OASC keep advancing Smart Cities. The closing session consisted of a panel focusing on API´s and Open Data, and how they are helping businesses to empower themselves and create smart city environments.

The third day will consist of a Smart City workshop, based on the foundation built by the FIWARE and TM Forum partnership. This workshop aims to underline the challenges that a Smart City will be confronting and the right decisions that it should be making, in order to seize opportunities that its digital transformation would bring.

At the FIWARE stand, data will be the main focus. The principal objectives are to demonstrate new ways of sharing and using data. Problems can very easily arise when the same company has to share data and, what FIWARE does, is provide an open set of API´s and software components that allow any enterprise to build a platform which is already standard-compliant. Here, FIWARE is acting as a content provider, where many services can then access this data.

Visit us at stand 228 of TM Forum Live! –near the entrance to the Athena Auditorium– and discover three of the most recent outcomes achieved by FIWARE, not only as an Open Source platform, but also as an active Community eager to collaborate and join other partners and initiatives to pursue innovation around our cities.

  • HERE Maps demo shows a smart car navigator that demonstrates how car navigation can be enriched by means of real time context data coming from smart cities. Through FIWARE standards and data models, this app integrates real-time context data coming from various cities.Car navigation systems based only in static could be helpful, but are not really smart and are limited to what was already on the road. HERE overcomes that drawback by showing what’s actually there at any given moment: for instance, environmental data is offered to drivers so that they are aware of factors which might influence their driving behavior; also, a driver can be notified of continuously changing locations, such as parking spaces that match their needs. The app offers drivers a marketplace where extra datasets are provided, where drivers can purchase them to enhance a varied and advanced application. Through a single marketplace, data from diverse origins –different sources within a single city or even data from different cities– might be provided.

    This application uses TM Forum APIs, FIWARE NGSI and Business Framework and has been developed in collaboration with Ubiwhere –the company that has turned Porto in one of the most advanced smart cities–. HERE demo at TM Forum Live! uses datasets from the cities of Santander, Seville, Porto and Antwerp and is a vivid example of the driven by implementation approach, one of the key mechanisms of the OASC initiative, where cities and companies join forces in the successful and cost effective development of the new digital services that best suit the needs of the citizens.

  • Water Matters: in an era where water scarcity is such a problem, it is paramount to begin to find a solution to such a prominent problem for the whole world. This showcase is based, essentially, in a group of sensors that can analyze a water stream, no matter where it originates from. This app can evaluate whether the water can be directly used or not and the data is shared with an Open Data Portal allowing collaborations between different stakeholders.Adapted to be showcased at TM Forum Live!, the demo shows an open set of APIs and software components that would allow any company or institution to build a platform which is already standard-compliant and uses a common language for sharing data. In this case, data from Tecnoport –the Smart Port of Seville– will be consumed. Data will be gathered by FIWARE IoT Ready devices and will be made automatically available to any FIWARE component via a standard API.
  • Floud is a mobile and web app for acquiring and distributing analytics obtained from analyses from outdoor urban environments. In both traditional and modern methods of analyzing information, the data is very sparse in time and space due to the cost involved in accessing IT infrastructures and deploying a human workforce.As part of this demo, the capabilities of the platform can be demonstrated by showing live results, achieved through sensors. The sensors, built upon the ubiquitous IoT device Raspberry PI, have been running for more than one year with no dedicated infrastructure. They have been attached to windows and balconies of public and private buildings, working on existing network connection or running on standard phone battery packs. Through these sensor placements, live traffic monitoring can be shown, as well as historical data demonstrating how events such as major traffic and disrupting weather can be detected.Floud has been developed by Magenta, under the mentoring of SOUL-FI FIWARE accelerator, and with the collaboration of EU FP7 CHEST project. The demo will be consuming data provided by the municipalities of Florence, Empoli, Castelfiorentino and Campi Bisenzio.

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