Cattlechain: Traceability, Grazing, and Precision Livestock in Galicia

Feb 19, 2020Agrifood

Cattlechain, coordinated and supported by Digitanimal, FIWARE Foundation, Institut de l’Elevage Idele, Natrus, and Sensowave, aims to enhance farm productivity, guaranteeing cattle traceability and welfare with blockchain technologies.

On 26, 27 and 28 February, Ana Bugueiro (R&D Project Manager, Sensowave) will be heading to three different villages in Galicia (Spain); Lalín, Rodeiro, and Santa Comba, to take part in a workshop organized by AGACA, the Galician Association of Agricultural Cooperatives. The association deals with the certification, quality, and dissemination of Galician food products. The autonomous community of Galicia is very interesting for dairy cattle in Spain. The region is the biggest dairy producer in Spain, responsible for 40% of the milk market in Spain, and 1.7% of the milk produced in the European Union.

The goal of the AGACA workshop is to better understand the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the role that livestock will play in the new sustainable development plans and circular economy. In addition, it will aim to clarify doubts about the future of livestock farming in the context of climate mitigation and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. It will be a fantastic opportunity for the Galician livestock sector to address the challenges it faces, as well as discuss the opportunities that the application of new technologies in animal welfare and grazing certification models can bring.

During the workshop, Ana will be presenting “Traceability: Cattlechain, a computational model for animal welfare and grazing indicators assessment” (in Spanish: “Obxectivo trazabilidade: Cattlechain, un modelo informático para manexo de parámetros de benestar animal e pastoreo”). She will be addressing an audience consisting mainly of dairy farmers, as well as grazing farmers, for who Cattlechain will be of particular interest, the platform being the first Blockchain tool for certification in dairy and beef products.

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