EU Project Launch: FISMEP – FIWARE for Smart Energy Platform

Feb 9, 2018Industry

December 2017 marked the launch of a new EU project: FISMEP – FIWARE for Smart Energy Platform. The platform, described as a “Smart Energy Platform“, has already been developed in the previous EU project “FINESCE“ (Future INtErnet Smart Utility Services). FISMEP draws on the results of FINESCE and will further advance the platform by designing and adding new services to increase the flexibility of energy systems.

RWTH Aachen University, who is coordinating the project, is currently working together with a variety of industrial and research partners from Sweden, Romania, and Germany, locations where field tests will be carried out. Together, they are working on a smart energy solution that will provide new capabilities in the area of distribution grid management. FISMEP also states that “In addition to a modern energy system, which is oriented towards the vision of a “smart city“, the open source principle is supposed to facilitate a connection with external actors such as producers, distributors or consumers. That way, innovative energy services and business ideas can quickly be integrated into the platform for deployment.”

According to Prof. Antonello Monti (Project Coordinator at RWTH Aachen University) “FISMEP explores the creation of an open specification cloud platform for energy systems. The project analyzes a set of use cases across three different countries, which involve end user experience and behavior, smart buildings, advanced grid monitoring as well as DC grid automation and its transfer to the FISMEP cloud platform.”

Putting the “FI” in “FISMEP”, the project uses FIWARE, a cloud-based, service-oriented open source software platform, “to facilitate an efficient, automated and sustainable energy supply for single buildings as well as municipalities.”

Click here to read the full Press Release for the launch of FISMEP and for more project information. 


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