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Apr 15, 2015Industry

Now that the second FIWARE Open Calls are being opened, the accelerator FI-C3 has shared with us their results in the first one. They have finally chosen the best 12 projects from the 229 submissions they did receive. FI-C3 is considering projects related to the fields of smart territories (smart city guides; smart city platforms; smart city services…), media & contents (multimedia augmented reality; transmedia/crossmedia devices; video games…), and care & well-being (smart home; indoor position; personalized connected media…). This project is offering between 50,000 and 150,000 € to SMEs and web-entrepreneurs developing innovative services with FIWARE. Their second call will be open from the 1st to the 31st of June 2015. What are they considering when evaluating a project? Selection criteria are based on business idea, team, status and potential of the project. Do you want to submit your startup project and participate in the FIWARE ecosystem with FI-C3? You can to it here. Let's see now which the results of their first call were!

FIWARE Accelerator FI-C3


The FIWARE Accelerator FI-C3's 1st Open call was opened on the 1st of November 2014 and closed on the 30th of November 2014. For the proposal submissions, the FI-C3 project set up an ad hoc platform which was accessible through the FI-C3 website. The total number of SMEs and Individual Entrepreneurs registered in the Submission Platform was 426. That means that 426 proposals were registered and started. However, not all of them were submitted to participate in the Call.

Finally, 229 proposals were submitted, which means a 54 % of the total registered. Among the 229 submitted proposals, 23 European countries were represented. The geographical distribution of the submitted proposals is shown in the following image:




Spain submitted the maximum number of proposals (83), followed by Belgium (27), France (23), Germany (14) and Italy (14). FI-C3 projects address 3 domains:

  • Smart Territories
  • Media & Content
  • Care & Well-Being

The distribution of the submitted proposals regarding these domains can be seen in the following picture:





Overall, 12 proposals have been selected in the short list and 4 remain as a back up. The proposals in the short list request 1,714,333 € out of the 1.8 M€ of the 1st Open Call. The selected proposals distribution by FI-C3 domains shows that the 5 of them addressed Smart Territories; 5 of them, Care & Well-Being; another one, a mix between Smart Territories and Care & Well-Being and, last, another one, a mix between Media & Content and Care and Well-Being.




  • The selected proposals where all submitted by SMEs. No proposals submitted by individual entrepreneurs were awarded in this first Open Call.
  • The selected proposals claim to utilise an average of 6.4 FIWARE GEs and SEs, being 11 the maximum and 3, the minimum.
  • The average funding request is 142,861.08 €, being 150,000 € the maximum and 108,450 €, the minimum.
  • As seen in the following image, nine (9) out of twelve (12) have a duration of 1 year. There is also a 9-month project, a 15-month and a 18-month project.




Finally, distribution per country can be checked in the following picture.




Please, check the results in the following (and great!) infographic:




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