An Artificial Intelligence project for the treatment of children with autism, in the top ten of FINODEX

Apr 1, 2015Industry

IO will be a sociable robot that will support to psychiatrists and psychotherapists in the treatment of several developmental disorder using FIWARE technology.

MADRID, 18 March 2015.- The sociable robot IO (Intelligent Observer), whose goal is to facilitate the diagnosis and treatment of developmental disorders in children, has been selected in the top ten out of 200 proposals by FINODEX, an accelerator that funds and provides support services to projects from SMEs & Web Entrepreneurs building upon the FIWARE technology and reusing Open Data in the framework of the European Commission.

The robotic platform will assist in the diagnosis and treatment of autism, Asperger syndrome, specific language impairments and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) through the development of social skills. The robot will provide a voice interface using natural language, similar to the virtual assistants of the smartphones and tables. It will also include computer vision, being able to recognize people and objects, eye tracking and identify facial emotions.

The robot IO is based on FIWARE technology, a platform development funded by the European Commission for the creation and deployment of services and applications in Internet. This new infrastructure includes the Internet of Things, Big data, Cloud hosting, Data mining, Interfaces for networks and devices (I2ND) and Security.

The main advantages of IO in front similar products will be its top level performances at an affordable cost. Furthermore, by means of Machine Learning techniques, insights obtained from the big data streams will provide the scientific community with very valuable data in the research of the developmental disorders.

The FIWARE Accelerator Programme (part of the EU Future Internet-Public Private Partnership FI-PPP) offers €80 million euros of direct funding, mentoring, networking and other acceleration services through 16 Future Internet Accelerator projects to promote the use and adoption of FIWARE technologies and to help entrepreneurs create innovative Internet applications. Finodex (Future INternet Open Data EXpansion) is one of these 16 accelerators, focused in supporting the development of products and services building upon FIWARE technologies and using Open Data.

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