Conference: FIWARE LAB, a guide to the Ecosystem of the Future Internet

Apr 24, 2014Industry

If you are a developer, a web entrepreneur, a start-up that’s working on The-Next-Amazing-App… and through the Press, Blogs or Forums you’ve heard about this “thing” called FIWARE and FIWARE Lab but you still aren’t quite sure how this really could be useful to you: watch the conference below these lines.

In this presentation Juanjo Hierro, FIWARE’s Coordinator and Chief Architect (who knows FIWARE and FIWARE Lab inside out) presents a guide of what they offer. From how it originates within the Future Internet Public-Private Partnership to the real products you can use today: an Open Standard Platform that is growing larger each day (FI-WARE) and the complementary and revolutionary idea of an Open Innovation Ecosystem that is built upon it (FI-Lab

Learn what we mean when we speak of FIWARE’s Generic Enablers and how FIWARE can lower the costs of developing your project. Go through what services are already available in FIWARE Lab (such as the Openstack-based Cloud and a rich library of Generic Enablers that provide Internet of Things & Machine to Machine services, Context & Data management, Privacy & Security, Storage, network provisioning, region management, frameworks for business & delivery, rich web-based user interfaces and the kind of tools that allow access and control from everywhere and from multiple devices…) 

And finally, pay special attention to everything that is coming from FIWARE and FIWARE Lab in the next months. In conclusion: start getting ready because this is only the beginning. 

For a quick start visit our Developers Portal or go straight ahead and start exploring FIWARE Lab!

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