VIDEO: Interview with Leo Johnson – “It’s not about Smart Cities, it’s about Smart Citizens”

Mar 31, 2014Industry

When we were at Campus Party Brazil last January, hosting the Finals of our Smart Cities and Smart Business & Industry Challenges, we had the chance to quickly interview Leo Johnson (Co-founder Sustainable Finance Ltd.) on his views regarding sustainability and what technology can do to create more sustainable socio-economic models.

And we couldn’t agree more with him. As he says in this interview:

(…) We are at a point of inflexion here, I think at Campus Party… where technology can either be used to accelerate consumption, to accelarate the rich getting more goods in addition to what they have already got. So we can either have a vertical use of technology or we can spread the technology thin, we can have a horizontal use, where we use technology to solve the problems of the city (…)

(…) And it’s not about Smart Cities, it’s about Smart Citizens. It’s about open platforms putting the tools into the hands of people to solve the problems that they can identify.

Watch the full interview here:

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