Video: Carlos Domingo, CEO Telefonica R&D, interviewed about FI-WARE

Dec 27, 2013Agrifood

If you take a look at all the partners that form FI-WARE you will see companies such as SAP, IBM, Thales, Telecom Italia, Orange, Nokia Siemens, Deutsche Telekom… a long list you may consult in our Wiki.  Within this large partnership that unites efforts from the European Commission and several public and private entities, the development of the FI-WARE platform is coordinated by Telefonica R&D

Not long after our hackathon in Campus Party Europe we had the chance to visit Carlos Domingo, President & CEO of Telefonica R&D, at his office in Madrid. He talked to us about FI-WARE's objectives, the FI-LAB platform and his views on why the European Commission has focused its efforts towards creating a platform and an innovation ecosystem for the Future Internet

What is FI-WARE? Who is it for? What are its competitive advantages? What is the commitment of European Commission towards its creation?  Find the answer to these questions and much more.

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