Presentation at the European Parliament

Oct 18, 2011Industry

We have presented  FI-WARE at the EU parliament. This is an important event for us because we are leaving the purely technical forums and entering into the real world of users, the main objective of our project.

The presentation has taken place in the context of the 3rd European Innovation Summit at the impressive European Parliament in Brussels. Really a place worth visting.

We count with the presence of several MP at the session, particularly MP Pilar del Castillo, who made a very kind introductory address, emphasizing the importance of the PPP and the need to serve the interest of the citizens. Alvaro Oliveira from Concord was also present. You can find all details of the event at the 3rd European Innovation Summit.

Also present were Arian Zwegers (our PS), Isidro Laso  and Peter Fatelnig together with representatives of several PPP projects.

We made two important statements at the event.

  1. A speech outlining the importance of the PPP and FI-WARE at the Key note part
  2. A more technical presentation of FI-WARE. This presentation was made in a working session on the smart cities of the future which was chaired by Peter Fatelnig. Other PPP projects also made presentations of their plans and activities.

Also, I participated in a round table on the Role of Business in Europe’s innovation Ecosystem which was hosted by MP Edit Herczog

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