FIWARE Community

From the very beginning, FIWARE was built thanks to the joint efforts of different actors; and now, FIWARE goes a step further in the creation of a community to gather web entrepreneurs, mentors, investors, students, academia, industry and public sector innovators to keep progressing.

All of our endeavours focus now on three different projects to:
Expand the reach of FIWARE at a global level.
Setting new innovation hubs around the world.
Create a European environment of innovative business hubs.


A worldwide expansion of FIWARE into Latin America, North America, Africa, and Asia.

FIWARE Innovation hubs

A European network of business hubs working together for an easy implementation of FIWARE technologies in businesses.

FIWARE Accelerators

80 M funding for the most talented teams and business proposals building upon FIWARE technology. Discover our 16 accelerators.

Join US!

To make FIWARE fully accessible for the inquiring minds of worldwide developers, and to be part of the common effort to
achieve a solid headway towards the evolution of FIWARE.


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Governance Model
The Technical Committee (TC) is tasked with providing the coordination of technical activities in the FIWARE Community and generally has oversight over all the FIWARE technical tasks.
The Domain Technical Committee (DTC) takes decisions about the Specific Enablers and Domain Specific Frameworks of a singular application domain or market sector.
The Board of Directors (BoD) provides legal management of the FIWARE Community and should define, approve and support the governance model of the FIWARE Community.
The FIWARE Community is a community made of members who are investing in the success of FIWARE. The FIWARE Community has three types of membership: Individual, Core, and Regular.

For a complete view of the Governance Model, click here.

Community map
Welcome to the growing community of FIWARE
accelerators, innovation Hubs, tech startups and
SMEs. Smart Cities coming soon!.
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