The following table summarizes the fees, expected in-kind contributions and the rights for each FIWARE Foundation membership category. More information describing rights and duties of the differeent FIWARE membership categories can be found in the FIWARE Foundation Bylaws.

Membership Level Annual Fee FTEs BoD Seat TSC Seat Notes
Platinum Flat Fee 100k€ 2 Yes Yes 2Y initial commitment, annual payment
Platinum – Strategic End-User Flat Fee 100 K€ 1 Yes Yes 2Y initial commitment, annual payment
Gold 2.5-50k€ based on organisation 0 by election No 0.025% of yearly revenue
Gold – Strategic End-User 1.25-25k€ based on organisation 0 by election No 0.0125% of yearly revenue [1]
GOLD – Startup 1k€ 0 No No [2]
Associate 1 k€ 0 No No  
Individual 0 0 No by election  

[1] As an alternative to payment of the Gold Strategic End-User Membership Fee, Public Administrations which:

have deployed FIWARE, or have contributed in-kind (e.g., hosting a FIWARE Summit event, sponsoring capacity linked to a FIWARE Lab node, etc) AND have publicly announced their plans for deploying FIWARE.

Deployment of FIWARE means the provisioning of a platform that instantiates and integrates FIWARE open source and/or FIWARE-compliant components enabling to run “Powered-by-FIWARE” applications/solutions.

[2] To make it easier for new innovative companies to join the FIWARE Foundation, a special “Start-up” fee is available. This special fee is converted into a regular GOLD membership fee after a period of three years for companies with a yearly turnover of less than 2 million Euro and after one year for companies with more than 2 million Euro. Companies which satisfy the following requirements can apply for special “Start-Up” membership. These are companies that

a) offer IT-related services and/or products
b) were founded less than four years ago
c) are not already members of the FIWARE Foundation


Join Us

The Organization or Individual who wishes to become Member of the FIWARE Foundation shall:

Apply to the Secretary and provide the information required by the Board of Directors.

Sign a Membership Agreement.

Signature of the Membership Agreement implies that the Organisation or Individual applying for membership complies with the obligations of FIWARE Foundation Members as defined in the Bylaws, the Association Code, the Fee Code, and the Code of Conduct.

Extended information about the governance bodies of the FIWARE Foundation, the membership, the specific rights and duties of each type of member and the process to become member, could be found at bylaws.

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