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Feb 5, 2020Opportunities

Equip your students with the tools they need to succeed with the FIWARE University Roadshow. 

Are you a professor teaching a Computer Science or Software Engineering class in 2020? Are you running a Lab? Are you looking for new opportunities to motivate your students? Discover the power of Open Source which is driving the digital transformation of the future. Open new doors for your students with Open Source! Plan a special course for your class with FIWARE Foundation.

Open Source technology is able to influence decision-makers, the way in which we live, approach business or define job profiles. Open Source can diversify your students’ careers and better prepare them for Smart Solutions and Digitization projects.

More students than ever are hoping to learn more about the Open Source development process – but working in the world of Open Source can sometimes be daunting. That’s why FIWARE Foundation is coming to your university. We arrange for an in-person lecture, perhaps followed by a workshop. We are ready to give hands-on insights about Open Source and how to get started.

For more information about the Proposal of Agreenment, please refer to the following document.

What Academics Say:

“Through its suite of Open Source software components and platforms, FIWARE offers IoT and Smart-X (Cities/AgriFood/Energy/Industry) researchers, students and industry professionals the tools to get started on their data analysis journey with ease. With FIWARE connecting the dots from IoT devices to context middleware, and from data analytics to visualisation, IoT enthusiasts can focus on getting insights from their data.” – Dr. Suparna De, Department of Computer Science, University of Winchester, United Kingdom

Be a part of the FIWARE University Roadshow!

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