15 Memorable Takeaways from the FIWARE Global Summit 2023

Jun 19, 2023Global Summit

The FIWARE Global Summit has just taken place in the city that combines traditions, creativity, and digital innovations, the City of Vienna, in the stunning Vienna City Hall.

With great support of hosting partners such as City of Vienna and Vienna Business Agency, as well as the Keystone Sponsors: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Red Hat, Raseel Platform, ms.GIS, Projects Partners: ODALA, INTERSTAT, and highly esteemed media partners including Cities Forum, The Smart City Journal, Bee Smart City, Our Future Water, Smart Cities World, Cities Today, and Renewable Matter, the Summit brought in one place, 160+ speakers, 300+ presentations, 10+ panel discussions, including a very rich side program, showcasing the power of open source, the value of Data Spaces, outstanding use cases that are leading by example, trending topics in tech, and more!

FIWARE Global Summits 2023 marked as one of the biggest and most successful Summits that brought multiple memorable takeaways and successful results from the beautiful city of Vienna. Among them:

More than 420 attendees

FIWARE Global Summit attracted a remarkable turnout of over 420 participants, including professionals, experts, and enthusiasts from various sectors from all around the world: USA, UK, Japan, India, Martinique, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Colombia, Italia, Brussels, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, Finland, Denmark. 20+ Universities participated in FGS´23.

160+ speakers

The summit featured an extensive lineup of over 160 distinguished speakers who shared their insights and expertise on a wide range of topics related to FIWARE and its applications.

Worldwide Keynote Speakers

Andrea Battaglia, Edge/IoT Business Development EMEA, Red Hat, Cameron Brooks, General Manager, Public Sector EMEA, AWS, Wolfgang Ebner, Chief of staff, Deputy Head Of Directorate, Federal Ministry for Digital, Business and Enterprises, Gerhard Hirczi, Managing Director, Vienna Business Agency, Abdulrahman Ibrahim, Chief Data and Innovation Officer, Madinah Region Development Authority, Wolfgang Müller, Deputy Director of Magistrates, City of Vienna, Prof. Dr. Boris Otto, Executive Director Fraunhofer ISST, Prof. at TU Dortmund, Sophie Proust, Chief Technology Officer, Atos, Dr. Jonathan Reichental, Best-selling author, founder Human Future, ex-CIO City of Palo Alto (USA), Bettina Tratz-Ryan, Vice President Research, Gartner Inc., Björn de Vidts, acting Chief Executive Officer, athumi, Marcus Scheiber, Chief Executive Officer, ms.GIS.

2 CEF (Connecting Europe Facility) Closing Conferences

Two engaging closing conferences provided valuable updates and discussions on the latest developments in the field with a focus on analyzing the impact for Public Administrations and testing the value of GreenMov, INTERSTAT, and ODALA in solving future problems.

Announcement of 2 new Strategic Partnerships

We announced exciting strategic partnerships with RedCLARA, and Topio Networks, strengthening the collaborative ecosystem of FIWARE and expanding its reach.

Celebrating a special milestone by announcing the 600th FIWARE Member

SKG Tecnología. This momentous occasion marked a significant achievement and showcased the continued growth and widespread adoption of FIWARE worldwide.

5 new FIWARE iHubs announced

The summit marked the establishment of five new FIWARE iHubs in Spain, Finland, the USA, and Canada. These iHubs serve as local innovation hubs to foster FIWARE adoption and support local communities. The specific iHubs announced are Smarta Byar Smart Village Community (USA), Urban Service Provider Co (USA), TOURiLAB – Sustainability and Smart Tourism (Spain), MindfulTech Institute (Canada), and Open MemoryLab FIWARE iHub (Finland).

New distinguished members

We proudly announced the addition of two distinguished members to the FIWARE community: Bernhard Schmid, VBA, and Joaquín Salvachúa, UPM. These esteemed individuals bring their extensive expertise and contributions to our ecosystem, further enriching the knowledge and collaborative spirit within FIWARE.

FIWARE Technical Training with 45 participants

A dedicated technical training session attracted 45 participants who had the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and skills in utilizing FIWARE technologies.

Launch of FIWARE Smart Cities book ed. 5

The summit saw the launch of the fifth edition of the FIWARE Smart Cities book, providing valuable insights into the role of FIWARE in building smart cities and featuring successful implementations and case studies.

Launch the first of its kind White Paper on Data Spaces together with Smart Cities World

FIWARE collaborated with Smart Cities World to publish a white paper titled “City Data Spaces – A guide to building and operationalising data services,” offering guidance and best practices from AWS, DKSR; Latitudo 40; Red Hat; Mobility Data Space; Engineering; Deloitte; Urban Software Institute for developing and implementing data services in urban environments.

Onboarding of the new FIWARE Evangelist program

A special session introduced the new FIWARE Evangelist program, which aims to promote the adoption of FIWARE by engaging with developers, communities, and organisations.

Live connection to the Data Week conference in Luleå, Sweden

This connection allowed us to establish a real-time link and engagement with the Data Week conference attendees, enabling valuable knowledge sharing and collaboration between the two events.

Funded Projects workshop

A workshop focused on funded projects provided project teams with an opportunity to share their experiences, challenges, and achievements in utilising FIWARE for their initiatives.

Walk of Fame Exhibition

Over 16 organisations participated in the Walk of Fame Exhibition, where each company received high visibility and a great space to network with the growing digital community in the main event location, Festsaal, throughout the two-day running event.

FIWARe Global Summit is one of the leading open source conferences for businesses, public administrations, academia, developers, technologists, and for strategists and game changers alike, inviting leaders, entrepreneurs, SMEs, large enterprises and investors, and researchers, who all will equally gather to discuss challenges and opportunities for business and open innovation around the digital transformation. Every year all who are interested in driving Open Data, Open Source, and Open Interfaces, together with the global FIWARE community and its more than 600 members worldwide come together to further share sustainable solutions showcasing initiatives and global projects of digital transformation in various strategic economic sectors such as Smart Cities & Mobility, Smart Industry, Smart AgriFood, Smart Energy, Smart Water and Smart Tourism, and present the opportunities FIWARE brings from tech and business.

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