Cattlechain: Enhancing Farm Productivity with Blockchain Technologies

Feb 18, 2020Agrifood

Cattlechain, coordinated and supported by Digitanimal, FIWARE Foundation, Institut de l’Elevage Idele, Natrus, and Sensowave, aims to enhance farm productivity, guaranteeing cattle traceability and welfare with blockchain technologies. The project hereby addresses one of the main challenges of the European livestock sector, which is in need of innovative tools to increase its efficiency and assure full transparency and traceability along the supply chain. In addition, the sector struggles to be attractive and relevant to the younger generation.

Analysis has shown that on average about 50% of the European livestock farms are reliant on subsidies. Currently, precision farming is only profitable for larger farms, with investments often difficult to pay back. Moreover, current food and sustainability trends, as well as consumer demands, are bringing about a wind of change and a wave of innovation in the somewhat traditional sector. There is an increasing demand for more information regarding food quality and origin, and safety and traceability.

An “Animal Welfare Seal”, created by Cattlechain, will guarantee that the living conditions of the animals meet the highest animal welfare standards. This ground-breaking technology and service will be validated in ambitious trial scenarios with 5.000 cows. With its mission, Cattlechain aims to make a real difference in customers’ lives, connecting them with the farmers who produce their food. Customers and public authorities can hereby access a traceability tool with trustworthy and secure data about the meat and dairy supply chains, making Cattlechain the platform that will automatically grant the first certified blockchain Animal Welfare Seal.

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