Meet FIWARE Global Summit Premium Sponsor: Engineering

May 16, 2019Ecosystem


The FIWARE Global Summit in Genoa will bring together key players in the FIWARE ecosystem, from Platinum and Gold Members to academia, end users and developers. The FIWARE Foundation is pleased to introduce Platinum Member Engineering Ingegneria Informatica SpA, “one of the world’s leading specialist providers of services, software development, and digital platforms”, as a Premium Sponsor of the event. Based in Italy, the company is one of the founding members of the Foundation and heavily involved in the use and further development of FIWARE technology. It is, therefore, no surprise that they will be sharing their knowledge in several of the FIWARE domains (Smart Cities, Smart Industry, Smart Agrifood, and Smart Energy) throughout the two-day event. 

Both Paolo Pandozy (CEO, Engineering Ingegneria Informatica SpA) and Dario Avallone (R&D Director, Engineering Ingegneria Informatica SpA) will be taking part in the Plenary Session on Tuesday morning. In addition, employees will be taking the stage in the Smart Industry, Smart Cities and Developers Tracks on Tuesday. On Wednesday their presence is equally as strong in said tracks, with the addition of the Smart Energy Track. Please visit the online agenda for further information about the sessions.

Learn more about ‘Developing an IoT Agent’ with the OPC UA case example and the ‘Digital Enabler: History, Accomplishments and Future Challenges’. Discover the ‘The Engineering Experience on FIWARE 4 Smart Energy’ and ‘Idra: A Solution for Open Data Interoperability’. Witness an interesting presentation on ‘Functional Testing – High-Quality Enablers for High-Quality Applications’, and plenty more!

Who’s Exhibiting?

Engineering will be well represented in the Exhibition Area. Take the opportunity to have a look around during the lunch and coffee breaks to find out what the company has to offer, has been up to, and how they are using FIWARE.

MIDIH: In the last years, Engineering has developed several open source solutions for the Manufacturing Industry, leveraging on the gained experience in FIWARE and other Open Source technologies. The solutions developed have been demonstrated and validated in real business scenarios, within research and innovation projects, and in collaboration with other technology providers and end users.

DMCoach+: DMCoach+ is a Type 2 Diabetes solution. Personalized, intelligent, and enabled by a doctor. It aims to significantly improve the health, wellbeing, and lifestyle of people at risk as well as declared diabetics.

HYPER360: An open IT platform for culture and tourism totally integrated into FIWARE. It allows the aggregation of immersive backgrounds with classic media content (web pages, 2d videos, subtitles) and data from environmental sensors (FIWARE based IoT) adopting the content curation approach.

STORM: THE H2020 STORM project integrated system features new low-cost compact eco-friendly sensors, resilient solutions, and survey and diagnosis technologies, as well as crowdsensing and crowdsourcing techniques.

NRG-5: Engineering will disseminate results about the NRG5 architecture and identify the role of FIWARE in the 5G-Energy scenario.

Knowage: Knowage is the FIWARE Generic Enabler for business intelligence and data analytics. It supports rich and multi-source data analysis.

CEDUS: Data is the driver of tomorrow’s cities. Digital Enabler is a solution that combines data from heterogeneous sources, physical and virtual, regardless of the domain. Using artificial intelligence algorithms it generates knowledge and added value for decision makers, companies and citizens. Digital Enabler relies on FIWARE. It is flexible and interoperable with any other existing platform.

Visit the FIWARE Global Summit website for more information about the agenda, the speakers, hotels, and how to register for the event. 

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