10 Innovative Powered by FIWARE Smart Solutions for Agrifood

Jun 18, 2018Agrifood

FIWARE will be attending the Smart Agrifood Summit in Málaga, Spain from June 20th to 22nd and we’re not going alone. We will be accompanied by four FIWARE iHubs and a total of ten innovative FIWARE-powered Smart Solutions for Agrifood. Meet us at Booth D6.

Smart Solutions for Agrifood

1. Universidad de Almería: An Internet-based data exchange system for greenhouse crops. This IoT web-based traceability and decision support system (DSS) is focused on efficiency in the use of water, fertilizers and energy, production planning, safety, transparency and quality standards.

2. Digitanimal: Solution that increases livestock farms profits; improving animal welfare and providing traceability tools for consumers. It is an integrated service platform composed by their own monitoring IoT wearables and a cloud platform devoted to help livestock farmers, breeders and fatteners, to increase their profitability and animals’ welfare.

3. SostecoIoT and WSN for the Smart Solutions of the future. Their concept is to integrate all the irrigation systems of a city, community, or company in one platform. Sosteco’s main goal is to save water and electricity, lowering the cost of natural resources and being able to monitor all necessary parameters.

4. Pycno: Helps tackle food security by building a network of wireless sensors for growers to help them take better informed decisions on how to grow food more efficiently. These sensors measure key parameters of the soil and the air that are later on mixed with other regional data to provide their users with best practices on how to efficiently produce food.

5. visualNACert: Their proposal includes the phenological state characterisation of crops using specific models, calibration and validation of the sensors from aspects such as orientation, height and cover and real-time evaluation of potential impacts and damage thresholds.

6. Agricolus: The product consists of a smart-system application enabling things such as crop disease awareness and monitoring, decision support for treatments and fertilizers, and general farm management by saving time, hence increasing productivity and limiting environmental degradation.

7. FIWOOInternet of Everything platform for real-time monitoring developed by a consortium composed by Bosonit, Emergya, JIG and Secmotic. Making use of open standards, and open source projects, FIWOO ensures interoperability, overcoming the current problem of a plethora of non-compatible applications.

8. JIG Internet Consulting:

  • iAgro App is a solution to facilitate the work of the field teams in the plantations. iAgro allows to manage the visits controlling where they are being carried out, duration, comments, evaluations and results.
  • iSales App is a multiplatform solution distributed through an application installed on tablets, in which an interactive product catalogue and a complete business management system connected with the business tools of the company (CRM / ERP) are integrated.

9. Bosonit: This GIS-based system allows users to intuitively manage the information of a parcel. A user just connects to the web browser, accesses the map with all the available parcels and clicks on one of them to see a menu with the different actions that can be performed.

Thinking Globally, Acting Locally – FIWARE iHubs

1. FIWARE Zone: Joint initiative of the Junta de Andalucía and Telefónica to support and promote smart solutions in different sectors, such as Smart Cities, Industrie 4.0. or Smart Agrifood.

2. FIWARE Rioja: The first iHub around open FIWARE technology in the north of Spain. Focussed on Smart Cities and territories, Smart Industry and Smart Agrifood. Offers certification, workshops, talks and training to current and potential users.

3. iHub Umbria: The official FIWARE iHub for Italy. It offers a number of services to local companies that want to become more competitive in the digital economy, including market information, technology and consulting support, training, research and testing by using FIWARE technology.

4. FIWARE Space: Introducing FIWARE to researchers, entrepreneurs and other companies. Spreading the benefits of the technology to create a global technological environment and bring companies and projects to the region.

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