FIWARE and the Smart City Focus: Transforming Communities into Engines of Growth

Aug 11, 2016Smart Cities, Tech

Cities keep growing, both as spaces determining the evolution of their surroundings and as the world’s main population concentrations. Being a complex environment and generating a social organization around it, each city can show adaptive behaviors that, taken into consideration globally, will give us the main trends in the development of urban communities for the next years.
Nowadays, being or becoming “smart” has emerge as a strong motto for our cities to follow, as they –and we– want to keep improving the quality of our lives.

But a single community can’t achieve the Smart City status on its own. The adoption of common standards and information models, as well as a collaborative focus that understands the common nature of the problems and challenges faced by the citizenship and by the administrations, are both cardinal points in the path that leads to a sustainable development of each community, to the deployment of the services that the community require and to keep advancing to reach the goal of turning a city into an enabler for innovation, economic growth and well-being.

In many previous posts, news and events, we have been sharing the strong value proposition that FIWARE is offering for the city representatives and institutions and for the inhabitants of urban communities worldwide. And, even more important, linking both dimensions of the Smart City focus.
FIWARE has been enabling the co-creation of innovative, portable and interoperable digital products and services and engaging public administrations and private developers to collaborate and deliver the ICT solutions and context-aware applications that best suit the needs of each community, moving on towards a Digital Single Market for smart cities.

The support that our Open Source platform has been providing to the Open and Agile Smart Cities (OASC) initiative and the increasing number of relevant partnerships, like the one subscribed with TM Forum, has pushed FIWARE to become not only the “de facto” standard for cities joining the OASC, but also the key for third-party developers and data providers to profit from this smart revolution and to incorporate and stimulate a new and sustainable digital economy which is becoming a reality now.

We are now proudly sharing our digital brochure, presenting our value proposition and important partnerships around and for the smart urban communities. You can read or download it here.

Also, be invited to check out again our My FIWARE Story about the OASC Initiative.

And don’t miss the video showcasing the result of the collaborative framework between FIWARE and TM Forum through a real-time context data enriched car navigation system, with the collaboration of Ubiwhere and HERE maps.

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