LeeLuu Stories: Ensuring better sleep for the entire family

May 27, 2016Agrifood

A very common need for many families is better sleep, but it is often difficult to control and to ensure that both the kids and parents sleep enough. It is impossible to blame one reason for the lack of sleep as it can vary for different families.

Although bed time and previous evening activities are important to manage and busy evenings can contribute to deprivation of sleep, a lot of the time children stay up for longer on their own accord once they have been put to bed. When children have active imaginations, it can be difficult for them to drop off at night especially with fear of darkness and anxiety of being alone. Relaxation before sleeping is essential for any person and in families this means reading bedtime stories together.

LeeLuu stories was designed with the help of over 120 kids who assisted the team in not only the design but how the product worked. It is essentially an interactive nightlight interweaved with a storybook for smart pads, which together create the ultimate user experience which can be seen as the answer to a very common need and desire for many families, better sleep.

The LeeLuu Stories project is offering the world´s first product that combines a physical, interactive toy with a smart pad bedtime story. This interaction is made possible by LeeLuu Labs´ own interactive technology. Thanks to FIWARE technology, LeeLuu stories is also the world´s first storytelling platform that collects physical data about the user which affects the story. The sleeping and bedtime behavior of the child is sensed by the nightlight and the data evolves the story with the child´s feelings so that children and parents can communicate around them.

The combination of a physical nightlight and digital content creates and outstanding user experience. The interactive storybook uses Orion GE as a backend service that deals with the processes between the nightlight and the mobile application. Another generic enabler, the Complex Processing GE (CEP) is then used to facilitate more real-time interaction in the story.

LeeLuu aligns with some of the fastest trends in the toy market, connected toys and encouraging parent/child communication. Currently, interactive textile technology is an increasingly popular field which has a market which is expected to double in the upcoming years. For the LeeLuu team, the next challenge is how to introduce a new way of interaction and communication. However, as a team and as well as a project, LeeLuu have achieved a lot on their journey to create the magical, touch-sensitive nightlights which were successfully launched via crowd funding campaign in March 2016.

This is our story, which is yours?


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