The Next Digital Revolution in Industry – The FIWARE Perspective

Feb 18, 2016Ecosystem

When I talk about the industrial internet it’s really capturing data off of machines and throwing back into valuable insight for our customers. That’s going to be worth trillions of dollars in the economy and I think it’s going to transform GE. Essentially, GE captures data through sensors that are attached to the various things it manufactures, like trains. The data fundamentally is going to be modeled and turned into performance outcomes”.

Jeff Immelt, GE CEO

A new digital revolution is propagating through the Industrial sector. The Internet of Things (IoT) and cyber-physical systems combine with real-time data processing and analytics to bring insight, automation and intelligence (including learning capabilities) to a new breed of Smart factories that embody the principles of The Next Digital Revolution in Industry: the FIWARE Perspective. Born in the German industrial world and the world of industrial production”, Industry 4.0 promises to completely transform not only manufacturing and production facilities, but also their related business processes and supply chains. It will enable contextual interaction of applications implementing processes across the whole value chain between themselves and with physical and virtual objects, including connected people and their digital personas, through sensors and other devices.

The quote of Jeff Immelt demonstrates that US players have already integrated such a vision in their strategy.

What about Europe at the time we are launching “Digitising European Industry”(DEI)?

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