HOSTABEE: Saving apiculture one step at a time

Feb 12, 2016Agrifood

The drastic decline of bees and their colonies in recent years is in no way a surprise, nor a mystery. Although the bee crisis is due to a number of factors and continues as a complex problem, the bees are having a hard time and it is imperative for us, the human race, to not allow the current situation to worsen. In general, the concept of beekeeping insinuates an old-fashioned, ancestral tradition. However the reality of modern day apiculture is a much more advanced and innovative practice, and interestingly, bees tend to lead a healthier, more productive lifestyle in urban areas nowadays. This is purely due to the increasing trend of urban apiculture, as well as innovative technology in major cities.

This is where the chosen start-up HOSTABEE comes in, by aiming to ease and subsequently manage the entire scope of apiculture. HOSTABEE unites expert beekeepers and citizens to work together through an advanced business model which, by taking specific data from each relevant city, develops a solution to the tragic disappearing of beehives.

For HOSTABEE, relationships throughout the whole network, including experts, developers and accelerators is crucial as to maximise the model. All parties involved are just as important as the other, given that a network requires various contributions to survive and succeed. The citizens provide a concealed space for the beehive, which is monitored in real-time by professional beekeepers from an outside location. All activity measured regarding the beehive is available as open data so that scientists can analyse it and effectively continue developing the model.

Monitored beekeeping increases both opportunity and production and ultimately, we can all contribute to the preservation of our precious bees. For HOSTABEE, the expectations solely involve contributing to the community of FIWARE users and to progressively expand and strengthen the network. So really, there is no reason not to become part of the solution to protect bees in crisis, as it benefits every single one of us.

This is our story, which is yours?

In the following video, Vincent Demortier, founder of Hostabee talks about implementation of urban beekeeping in smart cities, to eliminate the disappearance of  apiculture in rural areas. He also references how FIWARE helps to gather context data of the relevant city, which subsequently can improve the model and strengthen the network.


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