#myFIWAREstory: the stories of Smart AgriFood

Oct 24, 2015Agrifood

This week, our most exciting news is the launch of the new FIWARE webpage, which was set in motion some days ago. It´s something we´ve all been waiting for and it gives you the chance to uncover the history and the journey of FIWARE “as a story of stories which tells the accounts of hundreds of peoples reality”. However, the story of FIWARE is only possible with the contribution of other stories; your stories. We want to hear the entirety of your story, from when you had your moment of inspiration to what gave you the motivation to advance with the innovation and how you came to get involved with FIWARE.
Without your stories, we can´t tell you ours.

The accelerator programme is another imperative part of process with FIWARE as it has, and continues to help new projects of various startup´s, by offering them not only funding but once in a lifetime opportunities. It has not only substantially helped and offered support to the most innovative business projects using FIWARE but it has contributed to founding their stories. In one of the videos launched on our new webpage, you can find out more about one of our accelerators, Smart AgriFood. It has selected various ICT based SME´s to develop applications by taking advantage of FIWARE technologies “to make agriculture more high-tech, and it is giving these start-ups the opportunity to develop and bring their services into the market.

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Food production can be tricky as it requires natural resources and given a growing population, we need more resources. It is a common view that ICT is a necessary piece of the puzzle to accommodate the need for more resources. This is where Smart AgriFood comes in. It aims to offer to the end users, in this case farmers, an open ecosystem based on FIWARE to help to find a solution to the problems in Agriculture.

All that ´smart´ means in this sense, is controlling and improving production in farming and agriculture with the use of technology. This is where “you act, you get feedback from your action and you re-act on this feedback”, adjusting to the situation permanently. According to the Smart AgriFood coordinator “using experiences, data and information” from elsewhere is an important step in the path to creating and achieving an open ecosystem in the agriculture sector.

This is our story,

Which is yours?

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