#myFIWAREstory: the stories of CreatiFI

Oct 21, 2015Agrifood

Never will the story of FIWARE be properly understood, if not as a story of stories which tells the accounts of hundreds of people’s reality. And from now on, the floor must be, as it has always been, theirs. Our startups, our accelerators, our contributors, our technical architects, our representatives, and all of the people that are somehow involved in the FIWARE ecosystem are the ones that must now raise their voices. Let’s listen to their personal stories to build our own voice. ‘Cause that is going to be our story. Now, which is yours?

The stories of CreatiFI

Some weeks ago, one of the sixteen FIWARE accelerators gathered some of the projects that it had already selected for a pitching session where some of the startups to access the second round of acceleration would be selected. This 4-day event with CreatiFI gathered these top teams’ projects to exhibit more than just an online platform but a collaboration of inspiration, incentive and encouragement from a range of teams. It was a phenomenal opportunity “to be together, to share experiences with each other, to have the teams talking to each other and see how they can help each other”, as Ingrid Willems, from the CreatiFI accelerator, explains in the videos that have just been shared as part of our efforts to share with you all the talent that we have found in our path. The goal of events such as CreatiFI’s is to give the innovators an opportunity to “go home with something extra”, she continues, “so that they have the feeling, yes, I have something that will help my business move forward.”

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More stories to come

CreatiFI is not the only FIWARE accelerator that has shared with us the talent that they are finding (and funding). Others, such as Smart AgriFood, have also found great projects and are working hand in hand with them. Do you want to discover them all? Why don’t you visit our brand new microsite and find them all? And don’t forget to share them through your social networks, ‘cause the wider the audience our stories reach, the higher their echoes will sound!




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