1st Architects’ Week: FI-WARE meets Use Case projects in Zurich

May 24, 2012Agrifood

Once the FI-PPP Programme has been running for more than a year it is time to get together with the technical people from the Use Case Projects and share the knowledge generated in the course of these months. The event is running from Monday, 21st in the morning to the end of Thursday, 24th so there will be plenty of time to exchange information and provide feedback.

Basically, the Architects’ Week will be like this: FI-WARE provides details of their GEs in the mornings and the Use Cases explain in the afternoons their current status, degree of progress, architecture and synergies with FI-WARE using its GEs. The agenda is quite comprehensive and, apart form the formal organization, this event is helping to create informal links and communication channels at all levels. The sessions we are having are definitely fostering a common understanding and we have taken a gigantic leap in synchronising thoughts.

The goal of this event is to mark a turning point in the development of the FI-PPP Programme and we will reinforce this by celebrating a second round of sessions in Madrid on June 4th – 7th where there will be a second chance to attend.

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