FI-WARE presence in Aalborg

May 14, 2012Agrifood



As it can be expected, FI-WARE has been one of the attractions of the FIA (which took place in Aalborg this time). We set up, together with all projects in the PPP, a stand where we explained our activities.The presentation that resulted in a maximum interest – at least in number of people- was the one made on occasion of the “proposer’s day” (you can find the presentation made by FI-WARE  here or If you feel like listening to it in full go here). During this event the Commission explained in some detail their plans for the call 2 of the PPP and how the new projects should use the results of existing projects to complement their proposals. Fi-WARE results are essential for this objective.

Besides explaining briefly the areas where our most significant developments are, we tried to explain the need for a more broad exploitation activity. The final success of the PPP cannot be assured if we restrict ourselves to the PPP funding. We need to create an ecosystem, based possibly on smart cities, where this objective can be achieved.

In a similar tone, we collaborated in the section on Open Platforms for innovation, where a comparison between GENI and IGNITE vs. the PPP and FI-WARE was made. Our position was clear: GENI and IGNITE had different objectives and were much more oriented towards the research community. This makes our life much more difficult. You can find the FIWARE presentation here.

Also very relevant was the presentation made by Thierry at the section IoT and FI architectures. Essentially we explained our plans regarding the IoT and how the different modules can be used and our contributions to the Open Mobile Alliance and ETSI

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