We were also in Poznan

Nov 3, 2011Agrifood

As you can expect, FI-WARE was also present in Poznan where we had the opportunity to talk to many people attending the FIA. We were really impressed by the facilities of the Lecture Conference Center and of the really very good ambiance. A very good time, even if the connections to Poznan were, unfortunately, not so good.

More seriously, besides the networking, we had four very significant meetings.

  1. The Steering Board (SB) and Architecture Board (AB) meetings. We discussed how the whole PPP is progressing and how we could involve the larger community in the experiments we are planning. Essentially it will mean the nomination of an Advisory Board, its possible members and their qualifications.
  2. Participation in a round table in session When infrastructure meets the user. In the round table, there were a number of interesting presentations on the issue of how we could better involve the user. Particular attention was given to the issue of e-health and how we could use the infrastructure provided by the smart city. There were a number of interesting questions, one good example was the issue of what kind of user we were looking for. It was explained we are not looking for any user but rather for an educated user or perhaps for a “user aggregator”, someone who is able to understand user needs and translate them into the appropriate language for developers.
  3. A short participation at the First Meeting The European perspective on the International Cooperation with Latin America. We underlined that FI-WARE is open to collaboration to Latin American countries following the normal collaboration rules of the EC.
  4. Give an initial presentation on the Open call. The presentation explains the main objectives and gives some examples of what could be the objective. Here is a summary of the FAQ section, which I consider the most important part for future applicants.

Do we need to form a consortium or just one entity is enough?
R/ See rules. We do not need a consortium, we already have one

Looking for SW developers or innovative, ground breaking work?
R/ Good foundations and results to be integrated. We are not reinventing Internet, rather we want to put it into use

Are you looking for built, completed solutions?
R/ We need to innovate, but we are also valuing existing results (software that works) and expertise. Integration is important.

Any constraints regarding IPRs ?
Specification of APIs and interoperable protocols linked to any product/technology contributed to FI-WARE must be open and royalty-free
Must be licensed free of charge in the context of the PPP
Must be licensable under FRAND terms outside the PPP

Can provide you some example of the kind of things you are looking for?
R/ Still too early but be sure we will mostly ask for rather concrete products, technologies or skills
Examples (not meaning they are real):
Document-oriented No-SQL Data Storage Technology
Development of advanced widgets for an Event Monitoring Dashboard Console


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