#myFIWAREstory: the stories of Smart AgriFood

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Oct 242015
1-3-Portrait-900x900 (1)

This week, our most exciting news is the launch of the new FIWARE webpage, which was set in motion some days ago. It´s something we´ve all been waiting for and it gives you the chance to uncover the history and the journey of FIWARE “as a story of stories which tells the accounts of hundreds of peoples reality”. However, the story of FIWARE is only possible with the contribution of other stories; your stories. We want to hear the entirety of your story, from when you had your moment of inspiration to what gave you the motivation to advance with the innovation and how you came to get involved with FIWARE. Without your stories, we can´t tell you ours.

The accelerator programme is another imperative part of process with FIWARE as it has, and continues to help new projects of various startup´s, by offering them not only funding but once in a lifetime opportunities. It has not only substantially helped and offered support to the most innovative business projects using FIWARE but it has contributed to founding their stories. In one of the videos launched on our new webpage, you can find out more about one of our accelerators, Smart AgriFood. It has selected various ICT based SME´s to develop applications by taking advantage of FIWARE technologies “to make agriculture more high-tech, and it is giving these start-ups the opportunity to develop and bring their services into the market.

2-5-PortraitBW-1280x720 (1)

Food production can be tricky as it requires natural resources and given a growing population, we need more resources. It is a common view that ICT is a necessary piece of the puzzle to accommodate the need for more resources. This is where Smart AgriFood comes in. It aims to offer to the end users, in this case farmers, an open ecosystem based on FIWARE to help to find a solution to the problems in Agriculture.

All that ´smart´ means in this sense, is controlling and improving production in farming and agriculture with the use of technology. This is where “you act, you get feedback from your action and you re-act on this feedback”, adjusting to the situation permanently. According to the Smart AgriFood coordinator “using experiences, data and information” from elsewhere is an important step in the path to creating and achieving an open ecosystem in the agriculture sector.

This is our story,

Which is yours?

New FIWARE Open Call for FIWARE Lab Nodes Support

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Oct 072015
mapa Open Call


Following the success of other FIWARE Open Calls, FI-Core, which helps to fund the FIWARE PPP initiative, has put aside a portion of the budget in order to fund new beneficiaries that will join the association after the project starts. These beneficiaries are selected through a competitive Open Call for those providing FIWARE Lab nodes support.

The goals of the Open Call include (1) the expansion of the FIWARE Lab Association with new nodes to provide improved facilities and services, (2) the reinforcement of the support team with addition resources for first level helpdesk, (3) the promotion of FIWARE instances with credible business plans, (4) the sustainability of FIWARE experimentation and (5) the incorporation of FIWARE players who will stay active beyond FI-Core.

Participants are expected to propose a concrete plan that enables them to achieve these goals during the given time-frame. The successful beneficiaries will be invited to refine and implement the final plan with the project coordinator and the other collaborators.

The selected beneficiaries will be assigned a maximum budget of 1.625.000 € to execute their plan between November 2015 and December 2016. Depending on the support level offered, the maximum EC contribution for individual proposals is from 250.000 € to 325.000 €. Proposals that show long term commitment with the sustainability of the FIWARE technologies will be favoured, even if the activity is limited to the mentioned period of time.

The FIWARE Lab Open Call addresses those who can demonstrate experience and references in implementation of similar plans. We mainly target those who can prove their experience with OpenStack and showing a degree of involvement in developer and user communities will be an advantage.

This announcement will also be broadcasted via Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn. In depth information, Call details and some helpful directions to prepare your proposal can be found HERE.

Contact e-mail:

FIWARE at Google Campus (Madrid)

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Oct 022015

We are glad to announce you that next Monday October 5 from 15:00, there will take place the first FIWARE meetup in Spain at Google Campus in Madrid.

The 6 FIWARE accelerators appointed as geography leaders in Spain, led by IMPACT for  this first Spain Geography Meetup, have invited to participate all Spanish startup beneficiaries (more than 140 teams)

The agenda of the event will be the following:

15:00-15:05    Presentation of the event

15:05-15:25    FIWARE Presentation- by Juanjo Hierro

15:25-15:50    IMPACT 3rd Open Call- by Sebas Muller

15:50-17:20    Success stories from 6 FIWARE Accelerators (CREATIFI, FABULOUS, FINODEX, FICHE, IMPACT, SOULFI) –  by startups and SMEs

17:20-17:30    Q&A

17:30-19:00    Networking at the entrance of the Auditorium

Registration for the event is still open, tickets can be reserved online.

Which startups will you find there?

Wiffinity (IMPACT), mCityJourney4all (FINODEX), Bizzfit (FINODEX), Canard (FINODEX), 3DENT (FABulous), 3DP for GxPAINT (FABulous), MYSPHERA (FICHe), SCREENLY (CreatiFI) and Prior (IMPACT) will attend the event and will show all of their potential.

Stay tuned because, on Monday, you will find much more information about this on our social networks!

FIWARE in ICT 2015

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Sep 182015

A couple of weeks ago, we announced the Smart Urban Farming Challenge, which would encourage web developers web developers to create innovative services and solutions addressing the challenges in urban farming. Actually, it will distribute a total amount of 49,000 € among its winners in a ceremony that will take place in ICT 2015. Do you want to know which conferences and meetings will take place there? Let’s discover all of them!

ICT 2015

The biggest ICT event in the EU calendar is back! Join ICT 2015 to network, follow interesting debates in the conference, hear the latest news on the European Commission’s new policies and initiatives with regard to R&I in ICT, find information about funding opportunities and… get to know everything you ever wanted to know about FIWARE through a 3-day long dedicated event programme.

Come and join FIWARE at ICT 2015, register for this free event and follow both @FIWARE and @ICT2015eu!

Where can you find FIWARE during ICT 2015?


20 OCTOBER 2015

11:00 – Opening of the Exhibition. Join the FIWARE stand at the entrance to the main exhibition hall anytime you want. Staff will be around to answer any questions you might have.

9:30 – Onsite kick-off of the FIWARE Challenge – meet the 10 top teams and hear their pitch. Come and see this hands-on competition of 10 top teams creating a FIWRE product on the spot.

Auditorium 2: The FIWARE Challenge Cockpit

16:00 –Session "FIWARE, the “Airbus” of the Future Internet"

Room 5A

14:00 – Listen to Thierry Breton's views in a panel discussion on "A Digital Single Market: The key to industrial leadership in the digital economy"

Auditorium 1

16:50 –Session "FIWARE – Meeting the Market Challenges"

Room 5A



21 OCTOBER 2015

09:00 –Session "World Café: FIWARE community building at ICT2015"

Room 5A


09:50 –Session "Human Smart Cities Network – FIWARE driven"

Room 5A



22 OCTOBER 2015

09:50 –Session "Open and Agile Smart Cities driven by FIWARE"

Room 9

09:00 – FIWARE in work programme 2016/17

Room A3


12:00 – The FIWARE Challenge Prize Ceremony

Auditorium 1

14:00 –Session "Start-ups meet open data!" by a FIWARE Accelerator

Room 5B





FI-C3 First Open Call Statistics & Results

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Apr 152015
FIWARE Accelerator FI-C3

Now that the second FIWARE Open Calls are being opened, the accelerator FI-C3 has shared with us their results in the first one. They have finally chosen the best 12 projects from the 229 submissions they did receive. FI-C3 is considering projects related to the fields of smart territories (smart city guides; smart city platforms; smart city services…), media & contents (multimedia augmented reality; transmedia/crossmedia devices; video games…), and care & well-being (smart home; indoor position; personalized connected media…). This project is offering between 50,000 and 150,000 € to SMEs and web-entrepreneurs developing innovative services with FIWARE. Their second call will be open from the 1st to the 31st of June 2015. What are they considering when evaluating a project? Selection criteria are based on business idea, team, status and potential of the project. Do you want to submit your startup project and participate in the FIWARE ecosystem with FI-C3? You can to it here. Let's see now which the results of their first call were!

FIWARE Accelerator FI-C3


The FIWARE Accelerator FI-C3's 1st Open call was opened on the 1st of November 2014 and closed on the 30th of November 2014. For the proposal submissions, the FI-C3 project set up an ad hoc platform which was accessible through the FI-C3 website. The total number of SMEs and Individual Entrepreneurs registered in the Submission Platform was 426. That means that 426 proposals were registered and started. However, not all of them were submitted to participate in the Call.

Finally, 229 proposals were submitted, which means a 54 % of the total registered. Among the 229 submitted proposals, 23 European countries were represented. The geographical distribution of the submitted proposals is shown in the following image:




Spain submitted the maximum number of proposals (83), followed by Belgium (27), France (23), Germany (14) and Italy (14). FI-C3 projects address 3 domains:

  • Smart Territories
  • Media & Content
  • Care & Well-Being

The distribution of the submitted proposals regarding these domains can be seen in the following picture:





Overall, 12 proposals have been selected in the short list and 4 remain as a back up. The proposals in the short list request 1,714,333 € out of the 1.8 M€ of the 1st Open Call. The selected proposals distribution by FI-C3 domains shows that the 5 of them addressed Smart Territories; 5 of them, Care & Well-Being; another one, a mix between Smart Territories and Care & Well-Being and, last, another one, a mix between Media & Content and Care and Well-Being.




  • The selected proposals where all submitted by SMEs. No proposals submitted by individual entrepreneurs were awarded in this first Open Call.
  • The selected proposals claim to utilise an average of 6.4 FIWARE GEs and SEs, being 11 the maximum and 3, the minimum.
  • The average funding request is 142,861.08 €, being 150,000 € the maximum and 108,450 €, the minimum.
  • As seen in the following image, nine (9) out of twelve (12) have a duration of 1 year. There is also a 9-month project, a 15-month and a 18-month project.




Finally, distribution per country can be checked in the following picture.




Please, check the results in the following (and great!) infographic:




RenalHelp: Technology to help people with chronic kidney disease

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Mar 112015
FIWARE RenalHelp

The following post has been written by the team of RenalHelp. We would like to thank them for their collaboration and willingness to participate.

People with chronic kidney disease have to meet very complicated diets, and take a lot of medication. Tracking all this is a really difficult task for patients. It is precisely to help these people that a group of young entrepreneurs created RenalHelp, one of the European e-Health startup winners of the Future Internet Challenge (FICHe) accelerator Open Call, co-funded by the EU.  

RenalHelp is a website and a mobile app to help families and people with chronic kidney disease to increase their quality of FIWARE Tais Pérez RenalHelplife and meet their basic needs without resenting their overall health. It connects patients with their healthcare providers.

The difficulty to strictly follow the treatment results in a lower life expectancy of the patient. Few people meet medical and dietary prescriptions in the right way, and access to reliable information is not easy.

Patients with chronic kidney disease suffer a radical change in their lifestyle since the diagnoses do to three main pillars: nutrition, medication and exercise. But that's not all, social support is also a key pillar for adherence to treatment so RenalHelp provides a space where patients can feel accompanied. This is a natural protection against mental illness like depression and anxiety, very common in these patients.

“Technology is only a tool, but we use tools to improve our quality of life”. Tais Pérez. 

What is RenalHelp?

Renalhelp is structured in 4 sections to make it quick and easy to use, three of which are part of the 3 pillars of self-care:

  • Nutrition: Personalized diets due to the patients special conditions.
  • Sports: general and personalized exercise routines.
  • Medication: Medication search engine.

FIWARE Fernando Pérez Peña RenalhelpIt also includes a fourth, composed of a forum where users ask and the most suitable sanitary professional and/or patient with experiences answers.

RenalHelp is currently developing a video platform for online queries in real time with the healthcare provider of the patient´s choice.

The diagnosis of a chronic disease has a great impact on the person who receives it and has highlighted the need to use information channels and communication technologies that are effective and efficient for proper follow-up treatments.

These new technological solutions, among which RenalHelp is included, offer many benefits: they reduce emergency department use, lower hospital stays, reduce and delay hospital admissions, improve the quality of life of patients and increase patient satisfaction.


Who is behind RenalHelp?

RenalHelp´s team is formed by a group of engineers, a marketing specialist and sanitary professionals. They have managed to link health and technology to improve the quality of life for people with chronic kidney disease.

You can meet them in this video:


RenalHelp presents: The Team. from RenalHelp on Vimeo.

FIWARE at 4YFN Barcelona – Telefonica, Orange Engineering and Atos joining forces to push common standards for Smart Cities

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Mar 042015

Since last Monday, FIWARE has been present at 4 Years From Now in Barcelona, an event that gathers the main actor of innovation, such as entrepreneurs, hundreds of startups and incubators. As if it was a little Silicon Valley in Barcelona, attendees have discussed about different topics that are defining the next wave of digital services and that, thanks to technologies as FIWARE, are now real.

But, why was FIWARE there? In 4YFN, FIWARE was presenting its Accelerator Programme once more, a programme that is about to open its second open call and receive thousands of business proposals, as it already happened in the first open call. So far, 346 startups have been already selected from all the 3,217 proposals that were first submitted. These startups are already taking part in training sessions, workshops and, of course, are getting into a new digital market.

In FIWARE’s conferences and workshops, attendees can not only meet the FIWARE Accelerator Programme (thanks to the presence of some of the accelerators in our stand), but also learn how to manage context information at large scale (workshop by Fermín Galán), how to connect to the Internet of Things (workshop by Carlos Ralli), how to solve IoT problems (conference by Ville Mickelsson) or how to create rich WebRTC Multimedia Applications with FIWARE and Kurento (workshop by Luis López). But, if there was a conference that was worth attending, it definitely was the KeyNote speech by Juanjo Hierro and Nacho de Pinedo. You hear them and you can be sure that your app, if developed with FIWARE, will ROCK. They taught us how to make our app become the next hit.

FIWARE in 4YFN Barcelona


Now that the concept of “Smart City” is under (r)evolution, as it is not just focused on providing more efficient services, but on transforming cities into digital platforms for innovative citizen services, four leading companies announce their agreement to push common standards and join efforts to create a FIWARE Open Source Community. These are Telefonica, Orange, Engineering and Atos. “FIWARE does not just support a more efficient management of municipal services. It brings open standards enabling to transform cities into engines of growth”, explains Marieta Rivero, Chief Deputy Commercial Officer at Telefonica. “Using FIWARE, Smart Cities can deliver the platform, combining Open Data and the APIs based on which new innovative applications can be created”, she explained. The integration of Internet of Things, Cloud and Big Data technologies, together with the support of Open Data policies, will create the conditions for a new period of intense transformation of cities into Smart Cities.

“Innovation for Engineering is a key success factor continuously pursued from its birth back in 1980 […] In this context, we see our strategic and full involvement in FIWARE. It is a set of technologies allowing us to be leaders in the market of open solutions”, states Paolo Pandozy, CEO of Engineering; while Patrice Slupowski, Vice-President of Digital Innovation, Orange, says that “there is an incredible opportunity for European cities to take advantage of open solutions and a wide community of developers, to quickly bring digital services and innovations to their citizens”.

Our motto? “Simple, Open, Free and standardized: enabling the new future for Smart Cities services”. These combined efforts will surely lead us into a new concept of cities, into new environments where we will be able to live making the most of technology.

EuropeanPioneers funds 12 StartUps with over 2 Million Euros

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Dec 172014

The following post has been written by the team of one of the 16 FIWARE accelerators, EuropeanPioneers. We would like to thank them their collaboration and invite all others to share with us as many materials as they might want. 

  • Today marks the beginning of the 8 month cycle for "FIWARE ACCELERATOR PROGRAMME"
  • 265 applicants from 30 countries for the project areas: Smart City Services, Pervasive Gaming, eLearning and Social Connected TV
  • Next round for applying opens in May 2015 at

Berlin, 8th December 2014 – The founders of twelve start-ups from 10 European countries have gathered this morning in Berlin: Today marks the beginning of the 8 month period held by the EU accelerator EuropeanPioneers which is led by Berlin based company builder etventure. During the upcoming three “Welcome Days” the entrepreneurs and their teams will be given an introduction to Lean Start-up and design thinking methods. In addition, they will be introduced to their mentors whom will support them over this cycle. This mentorship includes concept and business model development, milestone planning, user testing, team building, marketing and finance.

Each company receives financial support of €50,000 – €250,000 depending on each project’s needs. A total of €2.2 million will be allocated to start-ups in the first round. Since the fund is from public money provided by the European Union, each start-up gets to keep its full shares rather than give up some for equity. The application round closed with a total of 265 applications from countries out of which only 23 were selected to pitch in front of a jury for the top 12 spots. Interested start-ups can apply in the second round which begins on 1st May 2015. The application can be found on

In order to be eligible for the programme applicants participating must be active in one of the following business areas: Smart City Services, Social Connected TV, Pervasive Gaming or eLearning. In addition, their projects have to use the technologies of the comprehensive software platform “FIWARE” which was developed as part of the European Union’s "Future Internet Public Private Partnership".

EuropeanPioneers is a consortium of innovation experts from all over Europe, led by startupbuilder etventure (Germany) in collaboration with the following partners: the Fraunhofer Institute for Intelligent Analysis and Information Systems IAIS (Germany), Weblify (Poland), Thoughtbox (Ireland) and F-Secure (Finland). EuropeanPioneers is one of 16 accelerators within the Future Internet Programme of the European Union "FIWARE ACCELERATOR PROGRAMME” which will distribute a total of 80 million Euros to innovative companies.

Supported Start-ups by EuropeanPioneers:


  • eloptico (Denmark) develops glass technology software to enhance learning and innovation in dental schools and improve work flow optimization in dental clinics. 
  • Konnektid (Netherlands) offers peer-to-peer learning experiences by enabling you to find skilled people nearby. 
  • Livecoding (Germany) develops a peer-to-peer live streaming platform that allows the user to learn how to create production-level code writes (no URL).


  • Zylia (Poland) has developed a system for 3D Audio Sense virtual sound-stage reconstruction through the use of Wireless Sensor Networks. 
  • Muuse Labs (Belgium) build products designed to make your digital world tangible. With its first product children can interact in a natural way with technology and play.
  • GameGenetics (Germany) is a leading international specialist in customer acquisition for free2play Mobile & Online Games. 
  • TobyRich (Germany) develops innovative and exceptional smartphone-controlled gadgets.

Smart City Services:

  • AVUXI (Spain) develops a GeoPopularity algorithm that computes in real time at the moment the most popular areas of the world and represents them visually.
  • smartdrive (Hungary) builds a service platform for the fleet management of cars. The aim is to increase efficiency, reduce maintenance costs and to reward safe and efficient driving.
  • 3Desk (peoplegraph) (UK) pulls disparate information of our personal network into a single profile – unlocking the dispersed value across sites and provide comprehensive profiles with multiple points of connection and contact. 

Social Connected TV:

  • Appscend (Romania) provides a cloud-based mobile application platform that enables broadcasters and advertisers, to view additional information on the second screen of TV parallel to the program being broadcast. 
  • usherU (Ireland) allows cinemas to sell more advance and distressed tickets by unlocking powerful data about who cinema customers are, what they like and how they rate their cinema experience. 

About etventure:

The company builder etventure identifies, develops and tests innovative digital business applications for companies and on its own behalf in multiple industries. If the market tests are positive, a new business is built out of the idea, either within the existing company or as an independent startup. Also under etventure operates the Berlin School of Digital Business and the EU accelerator EuropeanPioneers. etventure was founded in 2010 by Philipp Depiereux, Philipp Hermann and Christian Lüdtke. The etventure team consists of more than 100 digital and business experts in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Zürich offices.