StoneOne Becomes a New (Gold) Partner of the FIWARE Foundation

Oct 11, 2018

The FIWARE Foundation e.V. welcomes a new member. After StoneOne’s IoT platform and the reference project SmartOrchestra had already been included on the FIWARE Marketplace in March, StoneOne AG now officially joins the international Foundation family.

About six years ago, the cornerstone for today’s FIWARE technology was laid as part of an EU public-private partnership with a number of leading European companies. Since then, more than 500 million Euros have been invested in the development of the technology and the development of the ecosystem. FIWARE provides software modules for the development of innovative applications. The standards defined in this way allow uncomplicated cooperation and the linking of all services that have been created. The development time of applications is significantly shortened because standardized software components are made available to the developers. The FIWARE Foundation, based in Berlin, was founded two years ago to safeguard investments and further globalize the FIWARE ecosystem.

“StoneOne, with its open platform technology and R&D competence, fits perfectly with the FIWARE Foundation”, comments Ulrich Ahle, Chief Executive Officer of the FIWARE Foundation, on the Gold Partnership. “Both StoneOne and our community are opening up new opportunities for innovative projects, not only in the public sector. ”

StoneOne AG has been operating as a “Web Software Factory” since 2007, developing and providing innovative technologies and services for digital transformation and for platforms such as IoT (Internet of Things) marketplaces. The target group is primarily companies and public institutions that want to offer cloud-based services to their ecosystem. The use of this technology with prefabricated components makes it possible to significantly reduce development costs. Examples are the Application Generator, the billing & payment tool Billing & Payment or the Keycloak-based Identity and Access Management.

The SmartOrchestra marketplace developed by StoneOne on the basis of its IoT platform serves to bring together, combine and market a wide range of private and municipal services (building services, waste management, etc.). Users can thus buy, subscribe to and manage various service offerings “from a single source”. On the one hand, it is a transparent catalogue for evaluating suitable services or devices. On the other hand, it is the operating platform and interface between the control and sensor units and associated applications.

The FIWARE Community provides open source technologies for Smart Services. The network promotes developers, start-ups and SMEs. They can expand their business with FIWARE components or develop new business models. In the SmartOrchestra project, for example, data management and storage for sensors and actuators based on FIWARE technology were realized.

Curve diagrams or trend analyses of temperature values are calculated and displayed in the SmartOrchestra marketplace on the basis of Comet data. The component is responsible for the medium-term storage of sensor data.

Another FIWARE component is used in the SmartOrchestra project. It is the Orion Context Broker and is the central data manager. This makes it the mediator between the sensors, the actuators (their transmitted data) and the marketplace applications. The Orion Context Broker is able to activate the devices in the marketplace context and then subscribe to the available data streams. These are then released to the marketplace for use on a client-specific basis. The services can access it there and combine it with each other for individual evaluations.

Andreas Liebing, Chief Executive Officer of StoneOne AG, sees international opportunities in addition to the use of core components from the FIWARE portfolio, for example in the area of complex event processing. “The very international orientation of the FIWARE Foundation opens up completely new partnerships and marketing channels for StoneOne, far beyond the German-speaking countries,” Liebing expects from the partnership as a Gold Partner. StoneOne already presented its IoT platform to the FIWARE community at the FIWARE Global Summit 2018 in Porto.

Press Contacts

Dr. Mathias Petri
Chairman StoneOne AG, Keithstr. 6, 10787 Berlin
phone +49 30 469 99 0718

Olaf-Gerd Gemein
Business Architect Co-Founder Smart City Lab, FIWARE Member of BoD, FIWARE Gold Member
Elbchaussee 28, D- 22765 Hamburg | Holtenauerstrasse 325, D-24106 Kiel
phone +49 (431) 220 26 47 | +49 (176) – 540 50 471


Ulrich Ahle
Chief Executive Officer
FIWARE Foundation e.V., Franklinstrasse 13 A, 10587 Berlin – Germany
phone +49-174-1533348


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