FIWARE FINODEX organizes an event for ICT entrepreneurs and companies

Jan 26, 2016

“Open data for European entrepreneurs” will take place the 2nd of March in Pamplona. The registration is already open.

The accelerator of ICT projects FIWARE FINODEX funded by the European Commission and lead by ZABALA Innovation Consulting has organized the following 2nd of March in Pamplona (Navarra, Spain) one of the stages of the FIWARE European Roadshow focused to entrepreneurs and start-ups from the ICT sector.

The event “Open data for European entrepreneurs” will introduce the FIWARE ecosystem to an expected audience of 150 people interested in innovation, entrepreneurship, Open Data and ICT. Registration is totally free and all the event will be fully hold in English. Interested professionals can register on Eventbrite.

Entrepreneurs from all over Europe will attend the event to present and share their opinions on the latest success stories of the start-ups making use of FIWARE technologies as well as their relationship with Open Data and entrepreneurship in Europe.

The conference will be opened by representatives of European, national, regional and local institutions. The first lecture of the day will be offered by Francisco Marín, managing director of the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI). He has maintained a strong commitment with the community involved in the ICT industry.

In addition, the Project Coordinator of FINODEX Miguel Garcia will present the evolution of the first world accelerator to support business projects using open data. Finodex has received 500 proposals to enter to the process of acceleration.

Alberto Abella will be in charge of a talk about on open data and entrepreneurship. He is the associate director of Brain Trust CS, and responsible for this organization to develop the Citizen Experience and Open Government and Open Data related initiatives. In the academic field, he is an associated teacher at the Rey Juan Carlos University, and has performed his doctorate on the economic impact of open data and open government, especially in the field of smart cities.

Talking about start-ups, there will be a presentation by some of the most successful ones like Linknovate, Xpressomics and Fruitwatcher (Geezar). These three companies have been the winners of the FINODEX first open call and have received up to €170,000 from European funds to launch their projects.

On the other hand, some of the representatives of the other 16 FIWARE accelerators funded by the European Commission will introduce the evolution of business acceleration programs and the future plans. A discussion panel moderated by Fernando Rico (ICT-LEIT Programme Committee National Delegate) will be organized with the participation of Ingrid Willems (CREATIFI), Nuno Varandas (SOUL-FI), Francisco Buján (FABULOUS) and Rasmus Pedersen (FINODEX).

Networking will also be a key aspect. During the conference face-to-face meetings among entrepreneurs and potential investors, customers, as well as cities that are involved in the field of Smart Cities, and that may be interested in the technological solutions proposed by participants, will be organised.

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FINODEX is one of the 16 accelerators funded by the European Commission to support SMEs and entrepreneurs projects based on Open Data and FIWARE technologies. The main goal is create new ICT products and services to improve the sector’s competitiveness. FINODEX is led by the Spanish international company ZABALA Innovation Consulting and integrated by a consortium of six more European partners.

FINODEX has already selected more than one hundred innovative projects via two open calls launched in 2014 and 2015. Each project will obtain between 10,000 and 170,000 euros of equity-free funding. FINODEX is investing 4.64 million euros to support the selected projects.

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