FIWARE & SAP White Paper is Out!

Nov 12, 2020Smart Cities

Marking the collaboration between FIWARE and SAP, the joint white paper “Smart City Ecosystem: Laying the foundations – using decision-making sovereignty” answers the question: How can we provide technical access to an open platform to support citizen-oriented services?

While Smart Cities are expected to have an even more significant impact on citizens’ living conditions and working processes, handing over design and regulatory authority to IT service providers is a foreseen challenge with potential risks. How can we fill the gap between the digital vision and the implemented Smart City processes? This white paper provides an in-depth look at the precise adoption of Digital Twins to control the requirements of cities based on a system-of-systems approach, which describes the interaction of different platforms and systems in an ecosystem. It also presents two case studies from Germany: the intelligent glass recycling container and WinterSmart, among many other applications using Digital Twins and the System-of-Systems approach in the field of the intelligent city.

As the Open Source technology of choice for developing smart solutions, FIWARE has laid the common foundation for the ecosystem’s technical realization with this initiative together with NEC, SAP, itelligence, Unity, and others. With strong technology assets and our close collaboration with members and partners, we are uniquely positioned to build the Smart City Ecosystem, which can be the end goal in the operationalization of digital and smart strategies of urban development.

The publication is available in both English and German. Lead by FIWARE and SAP and created in collaboration with our members and partners: Ulrich Ahle (FIWARE Foundation), Ernö Kovacs (NEC Europe Ltd.), Andreas Linneweber (Unity AG), Wolfgang Möller (itelligence AG), Bernd Simon (SAP Deutschland SE & Co. KG) and others, it is among the numbers of publications FIWARE has launched and is working on to further our mission of developing Smart Cities across Germany, and beyond, making them citizen-friendly and sustainable. All publications are free to access online, for instance, via our Marketing Materials Portal, and we encourage you to share them within your network if you find them valuable.

Download the English version
Download the German version

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