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We offer a number of free downloadable marketing materials such as Flyers, Banners, Images, White Papers, or slide presentations to help you grow your business.


Customer references are the art of telling successful FIWARE stories of partners’ and members’ experience: find here free downloadable Impact Stories or Videos.

Impact Stories
Helping improve air quality for thousands of athletes training in urban areas
Digitalization in Saint-Quentin’s stadiums: City-as-a-Platform Concept
City solutions adaptable, flexible and low cost
IoT, AI and Blockchain based platform improving livestock Farming
Cycle routes and air quality monitoring with real citizen’s engagement
Smart City Lab in Hamburg
Container and Shipment tracking System in India
Safe and comfortable spaces for people and businesses
Reshaping the future of Marinas with Smart Technologies
A platform to support the decision-making of public administrations
AGRICOLUS: the cloud data platform to support and optimise Farmers’ work
How biosurveillance and Open Source technologies are jointly contributing to fight COVID-19
A Powered by FIWARE platform facilitating citizens’ urban experience
Discover trends and predict anomalies in the shopfloor
White Papers
Future Cities: Smart, Resilient, Inclusive and Sustainable
Smart City Ecosystem: Laying the foundations – using decision-making sovereignty
Smart MaaS: The Beacon of Disruption for Sustainable Transportation Systems


The FIWARE Press Kit is not just a newsroom. It’s a regular updated edition of assets that supplement the journalist’s story and understand the FIWARE brand.


Get here our latest brochures to print or read at your leisure. We offer domain-focused material as well a trend topics material.

Membership Onboarding Brochure
FIWARE iHubs - Think Global, Act Local
FIWARE University Roadshow
FIWARE - The Open Source Platform Technology for Smart Cities
FIWARE 4 Health
Fighting Climate Change With FIWARE
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