FIWARE 7.8.2 Has Been Released

Apr 20, 2020Tech

The FIWARE Catalogue on GitHub collates the source code of all the current Generic Enablers defined within FIWARE.

To be adopted as a Generic Enabler within FIWARE, each component must fulfil a number of contribution requirements such as adopting an open-source license and releasing regular updated versions as changes occur.

Coinciding with the FIWARE Global Summits, the FIWARE Foundation creates an umbrella release of these components found, with the guarantee that all the Generic Enablers labeled across a specific release are aligned to work with one another. Other ad-hoc patch releases can occur between summits as necessary, usually triggered by changes to the context brokers or security concerns.

The FIWARE 7.8.2 patch release introduces additional security benefits to IoT Agents, such as MQTT-SSL support and increases the number of sensitive ENV variables supported by Docker secret and password obfuscation. The release also allows more Node-based Docker images to be updated to the latest recommended security patches. Many other generic enablers (such as Fog-flow, Perseo and Idra) have also taken this opportunity to make additional functionality updates.

Full details of the release can be found in the FIWARE_7.8.2 release note.

The next catalogue release is scheduled for September – to be completed before the FIWARE Global Summit in Málaga.

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