FIWARE to Deliver the Standards for the Creation of Next-generation Digital Solutions for Water

Feb 14, 2020Energy, Ecosystem

With FIWARE4Water FIWARE is dipping its toes into Water Management to bring the standards that will link the physical and digital world for water solutions, thereby creating replicable success stories.

Following the success of FIWARE in domains like Smart Cities and aligning with principles of programs driven by the European Commission like Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), we move ahead diving into the digital transformation of the water sector and demonstrating FIWARE capabilities and the potential of its interoperable and standardized interfaces for both the water sector and end- users such as cities, water utilities, water authorities, solution providers and citizens, allowing cross- domain cooperation and data exchange.

The development of modular smart applications using FIWARE and open API architecture for the real-time management of water systems will connect the end-users and innovation supplier communities for water compliant interfaces and data models on a comprehensive cross-domain platform associated with 4 demo cases for smart water applications and 3 demo networks.



To achieve a high degree of innovation we have collected representative data of specific fields (smart meter readings, time series of the flow/pressure of water distribution networks, etc.) that will be processed and standardized to be integrated into the context management at the top of FIWARE. This will allow third parties to develop new ideas on how to use this data to solve specific problems (e. g. leak detection). In addition, thanks to the full interoperable platform the project provides, we are also collecting the requirements from the end-users based on their needs and opportunities on other value chains and at cross-domain level. Learn more about which smart applications they are using, which software they are using on that smart application, the data management practices and the current demand for smart applications). We are also working in the definition of different challenges targeting third parties (SMEs, solution providers), incentivizing their participation and fostering innovation and data-driven business models, not only in the water sector but also in other related domains, from pilot scale to wide market uptake.

This is also part of the FIWARE Community’s efforts to tackle and minimize the effects of climate change and its impact on societies, economies, and especially our daily lives. Today, we can already proudly present a wide portfolio of very concrete applications and solutions with a direct positive impact on climate change that will soon grow with Smart Solutions related to water.

Water is a key factor for the economy and the society and digital solutions are important for addressing water challenges. The next FIWARE Global Summit (Málaga, Spain 23-24 June, 2020) will bring together key players in the Water Sector (including those belonging to to collaborate and find synergies in their digital water strategies to address the water challenges and adapt water resource management to climate change.


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