FIWARE at COP25 – Achieving Sustainable Development Goals with Open Innovation

Dec 4, 2019Ecosystem, Energy, Smart Cities, Tech

The UN Climate Change Conference COP 25 takes place from 2 to 13 December 2019 in Madrid, Spain, under the Presidency of the Government of Chile and with the support of the Government of Spain. This important event will also feature the 25th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP25). The aim of the conference is to access the steps to be taken in the UN climate change process, as well as to complete matters with regards to the full operationalization of the Paris Climate Change Agreement.

2020 is the year in which countries commit to improved climate action plans, and the conference aims to boost and build this goal. Technology, cities, capacitiy building and the transparency of climate action are amongst the various areas in relation to which climate will be discussed.

Workshop: Sustainable Development Goals

Members of the FIWARE Community will be partaking in the COP 25 with a workshop, organized by HOPU and FIWARE Foundation. The workshop will address how we can support urban decision making to address sustainable development goals (SDGs) and compliance with climate change mitigation regulations.

The session will bring the opportunity to learn about concrete real use cases where smart solutions, developed using software platform standards, are helping to mitigate climate change effects in urban areas. The session will pave the way for an open debate around the role that open source, standard-based, Data Models and APIs can play in achieving Sustainable Development Goals by means of fostering Open Innovation and the support of a “Develop Once, Replicate Everywhere” principle that accelerates deployment, and therefore also multiplies the positive impact of smart solutions.

Each speaker will also provide an insight into how their respective company contributes (or can contribute) towards creating a neutral and resilient carbon planet.

The workshop will be an interesting opportunity for policy decision makers, environmental experts, solutions integrators, technology providers and media to further understand the opportunities and benefits that open source, standard-based, Data Models and APIs provide in terms of transforming our cities and overal lives for the better, with miminum effort but great impact.

Workshop Title: Supporting Urban Decision Making to Address Smart Development Goals and Compliance With Climate Change Mitigation Regulations
Date: 6 December 2019
13:00 – 15:00 (CET)
Green Zone (Civil Society SP)


You can register for the event via the following link. For more information about the Green Zone (Zona Verde) and the upcoming agenda, please click here.

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