How FIWARE and Mindspace are Creating Community and Driving Innovation and Productivity Forward

Sep 16, 2019Ecosystem

At this edition of the FIWARE Global Summit, we are switching things up a bit. On 23 and 24 October, our annual event is heading to one of Europe’s biggest tech scenes: Berlin. To celebrate the occasion, FIWARE Foundation is thrilled to be partnering with companies that are as dedicated to harnessing the way we live, work (and engage with one another) as we are.

Mindspace is one of these forward thinking partners. Just as FIWARE is revolutionising the world of open source technology, easing and accelerating the development of smart solutions, Mindspace is transforming the way in which we work and network.

Besides providing inspiring, state-of-the-art work spaces, Mindspace is also focused on creating community, to the truest sense of the word. Big believers of collaboration, it offers its members far more than just a space to work. It encourages idea sharing, promotes creativity, and, of course, coworking, all in the name of creating bigger and better things, as well as long lasting partnerships.

Like FIWARE, Mindspace is a global movement. With 28 locations in 13 bustling cities around the world it has proven that coworking truly works and can transcend borders. Their attractive offices inspire hundreds of people on a daily basis to reach for the stars and achieve their goals.

FIWARE too aims to provide small and large companies, startups, and developers with the tools they need to realize their ideas. With the support of our own fast-growing global community that shares the goal of making FIWARE open source technology the best instrument for companies to reach their full potential and scale up their activities to enter new markets and grow their businesses, FIWARE is driving the development of smart solutions in a faster, easier, interoperable and affordable way. It hereby guides industries, governments, universities, and cities to develop their smart vision, whilst also nurturing FIWARE as a sustainable business model.

We could not be prouder to announce that FIWARE Global Summit attendees will be able to enjoy a cool lounge area, courtesy of Mindspace, where they can relax, network, and feel empowered and inspired. The lounge will feature intelligent lighting, awesome use of color, ergonomic furniture, and a great vibe. We will say no more and let the images speak for themselves.


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