The Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) Programme – New Year, New Opportunities

Feb 27, 2019Opportunities

Meet CEF and the FIWARE Foundation at upcoming European events, apply for grants, and discover the 2019 Work Programme of CEF Telecom.

The Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) is to pursue economic growth and support the completion and functioning of the internal market in support of the competitiveness of the European economy.

The digital arm of the Connecting Europe Facility improves the daily lives of European citizens via investments in digital Building Blocks, cross-border digital infrastructures, and broadband networks. It facilitates the cross-border interaction between public administrations, businesses or citizens. It promotes economic growth and supports the completion and functioning of the internal market, enhancing the competitiveness of the European economy. CEF-supported projects help create and maintain a European ecosystem of interoperable and interconnected digital services and thus help sustain the Digital Single Market.

In August 2018, the CEF Programme successfully went live with the Context Broker Building Block. The Context Broker is the core component of the FIWARE platform. The Context Broker, which is able to handle context information on a large scale by implementing standard REST APIs, has been added to the European Data Portal and its core service platform as a new functionality. This allows the European Data Model and EU Member States to collect, manage, use, and share data.

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In February 2019 the new CEF Telecom Work Programme was released. CEF Telecom funding supports projects of common interest that improve the daily life of citizens, businesses and public administrations and contribute to the development of a Digital Single Market by deploying European digital infrastructures across the EU. CEF Telecom’s general objectives and actions planned this year can be found in the Work Programme Information on CEF grants under CEF Telecom are available on the CEF website.

Interested in learning more about the Context Broker? Take advantage of the events we will be attending and meet CEF and the FIWARE Foundation in Genoa, Berlin, and Barcelona.

  • CEF workshop FIWARE Global Summit 21-22 May 2019, Genoa, Italy
  • CEF workshop FIWARE Global Summit 22-24 October 2019, Berlin, Germany
  • IoT Solutions World Congress 29-31 October 2019, Barcelona, Spain
  • Smart City Expo World Congress 19-21 November 2019, Barcelona, Spain

Be sure to attend the upcoming FIWARE Global Summit in Genoa, Italy to learn more about the CEF Programme, and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin to stay up-to-date with the latest news and opportunities.

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