FIWARE4Water Challenges for Data Scientists and Data Analysts

Jun 21, 2021Opportunities

FIWARE4Water has launched an online competition calling on data scientists and data analysts to showcase how real-time data can be used to support better water management through the data generated by digital meters and the provision of feedback from consumers and water utilities.

Evidence through data is critical to address the many challenges that the water sector is facing. Recent advances in machine learning (ML) and data analytics (DA) technologies have provided the opportunity for more efficient use of the vast amount of data generated by sensors, meters, and other devices.

It is necessary to know how to detect false positives and other anomalies in the interpretation of the data (processing with ML/AI to be able to differentiate a non-significant anomaly from those that require action). The aim is, therefore, to improve the management of water-related data, detecting anomalies in water quality, sensors out of range to evaluate their impact, and possible actions by implementing ML/AI algorithms.

Three different challenges will help to:

  • monitor the quality of the water to be treated in real-time and anticipate water treatments based on this data;
  • improve the quality of service and efficiency to avoid extra costs in water treatment;
  • reduce decision-making times.

Submit your applications via the application form between 14 July 8:45 AM – 16 July 6:00 PM (CEST). Talk, discuss and brainstorm with us on the FIWARE4Water Challenge Slack Channel.

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