Why Companies and Cities Need Ciclogreen to Encourage Sustainability

Jun 20, 2018Ecosystem, Smart Cities

According to the European Commission, congestion in the EU costs annually 100 billion EUR. Most of the negative external effects appear in the form of health loss of people exposed to air pollution. Most employees drive to work, increasing this problem. In addition, they show a higher absenteeism rate than employees that cycle or walk to work, making European companies lose 102 billion euro per year (Eurofound). City councils and companies are aware of these problems but employees are used to drive to work. They need a tool to motivate them and measure new mobility patterns. Ciclogreen is that tool.

Rewarding Sustainable Mobility

We provide a private online reward system to companies and city councils that allow them to reward their employees with free gifts for using sustainable means of transport to go to work. Employees register their urban trips using tracking apps. We use data to give information about mobility patterns to companies and city councils, helping them to design new infrastructures and services.

Our customers are companies and city councils that are looking for tools to promote sustainable mobility and want to analyse mobility patterns. Some of our main customers are:

  • Reward system for the city council of Barcelona.
  • Reward system for the Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona. Annual incentive programme contracted by the university to promote cycling and walking. Specific platform developed for the project.

After the last EU directive, companies with more than 500 employees (more than 6000 in Europe) must report on their environmental and employee benefits activities. Ciclogreen offers an easy to integrate tool at a very low price compared to consultancy services or the own development of the incentive programmes.

City councils have specific objectives and budgets regarding the implementation of initiatives aimed to promote sustainable mobility in their cities, promoted by local, national and European sustainable development programmes (For example in Spain Agenda Local 21, Red de Ciudades Inteligentes, Pacto de los Alcaldes, Red de Ciudades por el Clima). Ciclogreen offers the best value for money opportunity to undertake the required actions and promotion activities, and offer new mobility data visualization and analysis to city planners.

“We provide a web and a tracking app for rewarding sustainable commuting, including walking, cycling, car-sharing and public transport.”

We have created the first online rewarding system for the most common sustainable mobility practices and unlike our competitors, we provide a web and a tracking app for rewarding sustainable commuting, including walking, cycling, car-sharing and public transport, creating Mobility Challenges at a city or country level and specific private services for employees through our SaaS. We are the only one rewarding several modes of transport, implementing FIWARE technology to provide services for the Smart City.

Guest Post by Gregorio M. Toral (CEO, Ciclogreen)

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