Meet the Winners of the Second Edition of the FIWARE Zone Challenge IOT

Jun 7, 2018Smart Cities

Earlier this year, FIWARE Zone, a FIWARE iHub, launched its second Challenge IOT, an initiative targeted at companies in the Andalusian region. It encourages and supports the development of innovation projects applied to strategic environments and based on real problems. To solve the chosen problems that two Public Administrations have identified in their region, the applicants were expected to use FIWARE Technology.

The Challenges

  1. Challenge One: The improvement of accessibility in Malaga. The challenge was promoted by the City Council of the capital of Malaga under the name “ACCESS: A city for all “.
  2. Challenge Two: The improvement of the quality of life and the monitoring of possible cognitive changes in dependent individuals. The Social Services and Dependency Agency of the Regional Government of Andalusia proposed this challenge.

Click here for more in-depth information about the chosen challenges.

Over 20 companies from the region responded to the call. The winning companies of the Challenge IOT competition will receive a fantastic €140,000 for the development and deployment of their projects. In addition, their solutions will be available to administrations for free for the time period of one year. They will hereby have access to the Smart City Platform, as well as the data that is generated.

The Winners

1. Challenge One: iUrban-Imálaga Interactive City has developed an application that works as an informative and bidirectional channel between the city and its citizens. Through different profiles, the app enables users to interact with different municipal services, allowing them to access city information. This includes information about infrastructure problems and the city’s accessibility.

2. Challenge Two: MySphera’s project involves an IoT solution that can monitor people both inside and outside their home. Through a set of sensors, the solution allows caregivers and relatives to observe daily routines and patterns in behaviour. This makes it easier to identify deviations from normal behaviour that could potentially lead to health or security risks.

For more information about FIWARE Zone, what it is and what it offers, please visit their website.

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