FIWARE Zone Launches Phase Two of Challenge IOT for Companies

Mar 26, 2018Opportunities

Following the completion of the first phase of the FIWARE Zone Challenge IOT, during which the selection of the challenges proposed by Public Administrations took place, the FIWARE iHub has launched the second phase of the initiative, which targets companies in the region. The challenge will run until April 11th.

Challenge IOT is one of FIWARE Zone’s key initiatives, through which, by means of challenges, it encourages and supports the development of innovation projects applied to strategic environments and based on real problems. Using FIWARE technology, Andalusian companies in particular are invited to provide solutions to the following two challenges that Public Administrations have identified in their regions. 


Challenge One: 

  • The objective is to ensure that groups with functional diversity (the elderly or temporarily disabled people) get better informed prior to a displacement, where they may find obstacles in their itinerary. That will be an improvement in their right to full social inclusion, achieved here through a technological tool based on standardized open data. This is a common format that allows for the best usability of the IT tool and, in addition, allows citizens to select the optimal urban itinerary in any part of the city.

Click here for more information about Challenge One (in Spanish).


Challenge Two: 

  • Using telecare systems, the objective is to promote self-care and to assure that users can stay in their own houses, instead of having to leave their homes and joining an institution. To achieve that, the use of IoT systems is required to detect changes in the habits of each person, both inside and outside home. The solutions will be using algorithms and systems with self-learning capacity, developing AI around the basic activities of daily life and the ability to help in the early diagnosis of potential cognitive deteriorations.

Click here for more information about Challenge Two (in Spanish).


The winners of the challenges will have the opportunity to deploy their solutions together with the challengers and pilot them in the corresponding geographical area.

For further information about the Challenge IOT, its benefits and the application process. please visit the FIWARE Zone website.


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