Deadline for participating in the next FI-WARE Challenges extended to April 24th

Mar 26, 2014Opportunities

We have an important announcement to make regarding the next two FI-WARE Challenges, Smart Society and FI-WARE Excellence. Up until today the deadline to send your ideas was March 31st. Well (as Professor Farnsworth would say)… 

Good news, everyone!

The deadline is extended to April 24th!


And it actually is very good news for everyone: for those who didn't have enough time time to work on the ideas to submit – now you do have the time you needed! And for those who already have sent an idea: still great news – because, if you wish, you can use the extension to improve your submission or dig in deeper into FI-Lab to work out how to make the most of all it offers. 

Want more information on what are these challenges? How they work? Go to our Challenges section to understand what they are about or directly enter Campus Labs to get more information, read terms and conditions and download documentation  to participate.  

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