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> Selected teams for the Smart Society Challenge

> Selected teams for the FIWARE Excellence Challenge

FIWARE and Campus Party are rewarding developers with two new Challenges: one for the creation of Internet applications that improve societal issues and another one that awards the excelent use of FIWARE technology.

Ladies and gentlemen, we present the Smart Society Challenge and FIWARE Excellence Award! 

The last time FIWARE and Campus Party challenged developers  € 400,000 were dedicated to prize Smart Cities and Smart Business & Industry themed applications. First there was a pre-selection of 40 ideas that received prize money to attend the Finals at Campus Party Brazil, where the Best Smart City Application (named FI-Guardian) and the Best Smart Business & Industry Application (Foodloop) received €75,000 euros.  After an intense week of coaching by FIWARE experts, on February 1st the atendees of Campus Party Brazil were able to see the winners of the first 2 FIWARE Challenges rise to podium in São Paulo. 


The Smart Society Challenge is awarding a total of € 200,000 to find the most innovative projects that pursue societal benefits whilst using the FI-LAB platform. Internet applications that are focused on education, health, social inclusion are just a few examples of themes that can participate in this category. 

Smart Society FIWARE Challenge


On the other hand, with a sum of € 141,000, the FIWARE Excellence Challenge will award internet applications that truly make the most out of FIWARE technology. This Challenge is open to the development of applications of any kind as long as their implementation is based on the FIWARE platform.

FIWARE Excellence Awards 

Within the FIWARE Excellence Challenge there will be some tough competitors: any project developed for the previous Smart Cities or Smart Business & Industry Challenges that obtained a score of 7 o higher will automatically be able to join the finals of this Challenge. 


The process is divided into two stages. The first stage or Call for Ideas invites participants to submit innovative ideas for applications that can be developed using the FIWARE platform. These ideas may be submitted to Campus Labs until April 24th.

Twenty proposals will be selected for each challenge and will move to the second stage: the period of time where these finalists work on a prototype of their idea. Each of the 20 selected teams are awarded with €2,800 to travel to compete in the Finals at Campus Party. On site, finalists must work on their prototypes deployed on FI-Lab, assited by coaches who will help them with the last touches before presenting their work to the members of the jury. 


Smart Society Challenge: €201,000 in prizes, €56,000 of which will granted to the shortlisted ideas in the first phase of the Challenge and €145,000 that will be given to the winners of the second phase, distributed as follows: 

First Prize: €75,000
Second Prize: €40,000
Third Prize: €20,000
Special Mention Young Developer: €5,000
Special Mention Application with the greatest potential: €5,000

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The FIWARE Excellence Awards will grant €141,000 in prizes, €56,000 of which will be distributed amongst the 20 best prototypes that reach the Finals and €25,000 for the winning applications, distributed as follows:

Excellence in IoT: €10,000
Excellence in Robotics: €10,000
Excellence in Real-time data and multimedia processing:€10,000
Excellence in Big Data: €10,000
Excellence in User Interface: €10,000
Excellence in Security: €10,000

Think you can make it to the Excellence Award? Go here for more info on FIWARE Excellence Award.

Take a look at the full list of applications that won the Smart Cities and Smart Business & Industry Challenges. 

Or check out the following playlist where you can meet some of our winners, straight off the podium of Campus Party Brazil! 




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